‘Life After Lockup’: Destinie Pregnant With Shawn’s Baby?

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Life After Lockup returns at the end of this month. Many familiar faces are returning including Shawn Osborne. He is supposed to be having the time of his life. Yet, a familiar face is about to pop up and possibly ruin any chance of happiness he could have.

Life After Lockup Welcomes The Shawn, Sara, And Destinie Triangle

While Shawn was talking to Sara Isaacs, he was also talking to another inmate named Destinie Folsom. When things started to progress with Destinie, he cut Sara off only to learn he was being used by Destinie. That was when he decided to go back to Sara and rearrange his whole life so he could live near her. She was very skeptical of him and used him a little bit to her advantage but then she started to genuinely care for him.

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Unfortunately, he was hiding some things about himself like his real age and how many kids he had. He did come clean and Sara forgave him. She moved in with Shawn and they ended up getting engaged. At the same time, she learned that she was expecting a child with him. It would be her second, his seventh. Her mother was super skeptical of him and how fast they were moving.

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Sara Isaacs

Still, they started to plan a life together. Now, the new season of Life After Lockup is here and the preview shows them preparing to have a baby and get married. However, a blast from Shawn’s past has popped back in. Destinie is making her presence known and apparently, she has quite the surprise for the groom. She is pregnant but is he the father? Has he been unfaithful to Sara?

Who’s The Daddy?

Destinie Folsom was one hundred percent clear when she let Shawn know that she had used him. They broke up and now he is onto his new happily ever after. However, according to Starcasm, Destinie is not letting Shawn off that easily. Apparently, Destinie is also expecting. She spilled the tea via social media when she was trying to sell her truck. Her goal was to buy something more baby-friendly.

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Destinie Folsom

Now, it was not exactly Destinie who broke the baby news but rather her husband, Jason. He posted the ad on her Facebook page and that was where it was where the baby talk first started. Despite it appearing to be Jason’s baby on the way, the LAL clip is making it seem like Shawn could be the baby daddy. Shawn does allude to the fact that he may have made a mistake but that could mean anything.

Guess everyone will just have to tune into the season premiere of Life After Lockup on July 29th on WeTV to see the drama Destinie is stirring up. Will you be watching?

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