‘Life After Lockup’: Shawn Expecting Baby #7?

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On the latest episode of Life After Lockup, Shawn Osborne wined and wooed his former inmate girlfriend, Sara Isaacs. Everything was looking up for the couple. That was until he finally told her the truth about his life and his past. It halted their romantic weekend and possibly their whole relationship. However, it appears the deception only brought Shawn and Sara closer.

Shawn’s Life After Lockup Relationships Gone Wrong

Sara is not Shawn’s first inmate relationship. Prior to picking her up at the prison, he was also talking to Destinie Folsom. She had been incarcerated for two years and upon her release, they got engaged. That all fell apart when he learned he was nothing but a trick and being played by her. While he was pursuing Destinie, he was also speaking to Sara.

Life After Lockup: Destinie Folsom - Shawn Osborne
Life After Lockup: Destinie Folsom – Shawn Osborne

She had been locked up for six years for involuntary manslaughter. He ghosted her when things were going well with Destinie but resurfaced when they tanked. This led Shawn to move to Ohio so he could be there when Sara was officially released. His goal was to start a new life with her but he did not tell her the full truth about himself. Shawn omitted that he had six kids, failed to mention Destinie, and lied about his age.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

He was mad Sara did not tell her she had a child, yet let it go. She was shocked to learn he was ten years older than he claimed, yet she let it slide. However, she was shaken after they were intimate and he shared he had six kids. Plus, he revealed his past with Destinie. Sara felt betrayed as if this was something Shawn did for fun. Could the couple survive?

Baby On The Way?

It seems none of that mattered and the couple has prevailed. In October, it was revealed Shawn and Sara had tied the knot back in August. Now it looks like they have taken another step. Rumors have swirled but a photo on Reddit is confirming Sara is pregnant with the couple’s first child, according to Starcasm.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

There is a pregnancy scare on this season of Life After Lockup but the editors made it appear it was pointed at Nicolle and Daonte. It now seems it is Sara’s test despite the couple being safe their first time being intimate. Sara is estimated to be approximately five months along. More could be revealed as the season comes to a close.

Looks like Shawn’s truth bombs had no impact on Sara’s feelings for him. They continued their romance which led them down the aisle and now to parenthood. This will be Shawn’s seventh child and Sara’s second. What are your thoughts on Mr. and Mrs. Osborne? Should Sara trust him? Let us know.

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