‘Life After Lockup’: Shawn Takes His Car Back – Destinie Throws Hands

Life After Lockup: Destinie Folsom - Shawn Osborne

Life After Lockup spoilers show Shawn Osborne finally waking up to Destinie Folsom’s ways – and taking action. He takes his car back in teasers – but not before Destinie throws hands.

Life After Lockup: Destinie Got Everything She Wanted from Shawn Osborne

From the very beginning of their relationship on Love After Lockup, Destinie Folsom had Shawn Osborne wrapped around her finger. In addition to sending her money and gifts, he had a house waiting for her in Las Vegas when she got out of jail. And he essentially let her get away with whatever she wanted.

In addition to supporting his six kids from a previous relationship, Shawn Osborne paid for everything Destinie Folsom needed. And a lot of viewers say he got played the most among the show’s cast members. Scott Davey spent over $90k on Lizzie Kommes when the pair were together. But Shawn forked over a good amount as well – in addition to the $50k bond he put up.

Life After Lockup: Shawn Osborne - Destinie Folsom
Life After Lockup: Shawn Osborne – Destinie Folsom

Does Shawn Finally Wake Up?

Meanwhile, Life After Lockup teasers show Shawn Osborne finally taking action. At the very beginning of the spinoff season, Destinie Folsom ditched him – taking his car and credit card with her to California. But based on the latest spoiler clips, it seems Shawn finally puts his foot down.

Since the very beginning of their relationship, Life After Lockup watchers wondered when Shawn would finally wake up and realize Destinie was taking advantage of him. And even though it took two seasons, it looks like Shawn finally accepts this and takes action.

Destinie Folsom told Shawn in the last episode that he is nothing more than a trick to her. And it was a rude awakening for him. But it looks like it was the kick he finally needed to dump his felon lover. And based on the latest clips, it seems he gets the last word after all.

Life After Lockup Star Gets the Last Laugh?

Shawn Osborne seems to get the last laugh based on Life After Lockup spoilers. WEtv says that the situation between this pair goes straight to hell. Shawn calls a tow truck to get his car back. Either way, it seems he finally makes Destinie face the music after everything she put him through. But it’s clear based on teasers that the convict gets a few shots in – and even tries to stop him from taking his car back.

Meanwhile, Life After Lockup watchers know Shawn found another former felon since Destinie. So he certainly has a type when it comes to what he likes. In addition, the latest tea on Destinie says she married a man named Jose – one of the guys Shawn found pictures of when he did some digging on Destinie.

So for better or worse, it seems they’ve both closed the book on this Life After Lockup chapter for good. And as a bonus, viewers will get to see more of this play out in the next episode.

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