Truely Brown Leaves Mom Christine A Sobbing Mess

Truely Brown from TLC

Sister Wives fans watched Truely Brown enter the world during the show’s first season. That was 12 years ago. Now, Christine Brown’s youngest child is an adorable preteen and couldn’t be happier to start a new chapter in her life. While Christine is happy for Truely, there will definitely be a few tears over this new milestone.

Truely Brown embarks on a brand new adventure

Not long ago, Paedon Brown realized that Truely is the exact same age that he was when their family began filming Sister Wives. In the first few episodes, Christine was still pregnant with Truely. Over time, fans watched the girl grow into a sassy, fun-loving child. In many ways, she’s a lot like her mother. In fact, several fans think she looks quite a bit like Christine too.

Truely Brown from Instagram
Truely Brown/Instagram

But today Truely is excited to start a new milestone in her life. She started 7th grade!

“It’s Truely’s first day of middle school. She’s so excited to make friends!” Christine captioned a post on Instagram. “And just ready for adventures! And honestly, she’s going to rock it like she does everything. Me, I’m a sobbing mess trying to keep it together. She’s my last child going to her first day of middle school.”

Truely Brown, Christine Brown's Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

“Didn’t we all just watch her birth on tv?!? No way it was that long ago!!! 😢 I’m old,” one of Christine’s followers wrote on the photo. Many other fans echoed similar feelings.“Hang in there Mama! 😢💪 Have a great day and year, Truely! 😊🙌” someone else chimed in, empathizing with Christine.

The 7th grader has always grown up in the spotlight

Although fans really enjoy watching Truely grow up onscreen, it also saddens many viewers. From the second Truely Brown came into the world, she had a camera on her. She’s never lived a life outside of the public eye.

To make matters worse, the 12-year-old also had to deal with the fallout of her parents’ divorce, which Sister Wives will explore in the newest season. Fans already know that Christine ultimately leaves the family, but new trailers tease how dramatic and frightening the entire situation actually was.

In a recent teaser, family patriarch Kody Brown has an epic meltdown in front of his wives. He rants, raves, and screams at Christine in front of the other women, who don’t lift a finger to help her. Fans really didn’t appreciate Kody’s behavior in the video and definitely let him have it online. After watching all that, Sister Wives fans feel pretty glad that Christine and Truely got away and went back to Utah.

Stay tuned for more Sister Wives news. The newest season kicks off on September 11 on TLC, so check back for more information.

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