‘Sister Wives’ Fans Are Heartbroken For Truely Brown, Why?

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The Brown family has been on television for quite some time. In fact, Christine’s youngest child Truely Brown was even born during the show’s first season.

Sister Wives definitely developed a pretty large fan base over the years, but some Reddit users just came to a realization about the show’s history. It’s been on TLC for nearly 12 years. And for most of the Brown children, that means they’ve spent their entire lives in the spotlight. Keep reading to learn more.

Truely Brown literally grew up filming a television show

Paedon Brown is Christine’s only son and is in the middle of the pack overall. He will be 24-years-old this August, which means he’s been on television since he was 12. These days, Paedon is pretty infamous for his TikToks. And it was one of these TikToks that caught Reddit’s attention.

In the video, Paedon says he just realized that his younger sister Truely Brown is the exact same age as he was when Sister Wives started filming. Truely turned 12 in April.

Fans recall that when Season 1 first aired, Christine was pregnant with Truely. The film crew documented her birth and she’s been on television ever since. In other words, Truely has never lived a life where she wasn’t part of a television series. And that’s what Reddit took issue with.

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“Ugh I hate this for [Truely],” the original Reddit user captioned Paedon’s video.

“Can’t imagine spending my entire childhood on television!” one Reddit user replied.

“This hits my heart with a canon. The kids didn’t get a say. Not once,” another user wrote. “We watched teens get ripped – sorry, moved quickly away from their foundation (LV). Man cub didn’t even think it was real & had to pack and GIT! Kody is horrendous. The kids will see it. Hopefully they will be psychologically okay. Not kidding. Kody is a bizarre human.”

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The young TLC star is living with her mother away from the rest of the Browns these days

When Kody and Christine split up, Truely went with her mother back to Utah. It’s never easy being a child of divorce, but Christine is undoubtedly much happier now that she’s out of the marriage.

However, some fans seem to think that Truely was actually one of the first family members to pull away from Kody. Was it possible that Christine was actually just following her daughter’s lead?

There have been times when fans noticed that Truely actually seemed really uncomfortable around her dad and would refuse to give him hugs or high-fives.

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