‘Sister Wives’: Paedon Brown Makes Shocking Discovery About Truely

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Sister Wives has definitely been on the air for quite some time. Since 2010, fans have watched the Brown family overcome challenges. There have been moves, marriages, births, and more.

And since it’s been on the air for over a decade, we’ve all had the chance to watch the children grow up before our very eyes.

That’s what led Paedon Brown to make one shocking realization about his little sister Truely. Keep reading for more.

Paedon Brown realizes just how long his family has been on television

These days, 23-year-old Paedon Brown is pretty active on TikTok.

He uploaded one video where he revealed something surprising he realized about his family. In the clip, Paedon reveals that his younger sister Truley is the same age today as he was when the Brown family first started filming Sister Wives.

Can you even believe it?

Paedon Brown/TikTok

Back in 2010, Paedon Brown was just 12-years-old and his mother Christine was still pregnant with Truely. She gave birth to her youngest child on a Sister Wives episode.

Truely Brown/Instagram

And now, Paedon will turn 24 this year. Truely just recently turned 12. The Browns have been on our television screens for quite some time and it doesn’t seem like they will go anywhere any time soon!

If you want to see the video for yourself, you can check it out here:

Can you believe that Truely Brown is 12 years old? To push things even further, can you believe that Paedon Brown is now a full-grown adult?

Be sure to share some of your favorite memories of the Brown children with us in the comments. We want to see what you have to say.

What’s ahead for the Brown children?

As we’ve seen in the past, Kody Brown clearly favors some children over others. And it’s obvious he doesn’t have as strong of a bond with Christine’s children. Truely Brown may only be 12, but she’s already distancing herself from her father amid her parents’ divorce.

Meanwhile, Paedon is pretty vocal about what goes on in the Brown house, whether the rest of the family likes it or not. In recent interviews, he revealed that he doesn’t have much of a relationship with his dad’s wife Robyn. However, he also said he didn’t believe Robyn played much of a role in the divorce.

At the end of the day, the problems brewing between Christine and Kody had been around for quite sometime. But even so, Sister Wives fans are excited to see where Paedon, Truely, and the rest of Christine’s children will go from here.

If you want to learn more about Paedon Brown or the rest of his family, be sure to follow TV Shows Ace online. We’ll be here to give you the inside scoop as soon as we have anymore information.

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