Fans Go Ham On Kody Brown After His Crazy Meltdown

Kody Brown from TLC

Kody Brown is definitely going to go through a rollercoaster of emotions in the newest season of Sister Wives. Now that the Season 17 premiere is creeping closer, TLC is dropping new teasers. And fans aren’t at all excited about the way Kody acts in the footage.

Sister Wives fans knew that Kody wouldn’t just let Christine leave quietly. But it appears the family patriarch has reached a brand new level of bad behavior. Keep reading to see how fans reacted to the new clips.

Fans react to Kody Brown’s outburst in the new season trailer

Over the past several years, Kody Brown has become wildly unpopular with fans. Viewers just really don’t appreciate how poorly he treats his wives or how he lets his spontaneous decisions rule his large family’s lives.

After years of bad behavior, it’s not exactly a surprise to anyone that one of his wives opted to leave him. But when Season 17 finally comes to TLC, viewers will get a chance to see exactly how the divorce between Kody and Christine played out. Just based on a brief teaser from TLC alone, things don’t look pretty.

Kody Brown from TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

“‘I have decided to leave. I’m going to leave Kody.’ #SisterWives returns Sunday, September 11 at 10/9c on TLC,” the network’s official Instagram account captioned the video.

The dramatic trailer gives glimpses of the wives’ reaction to Christine’s departure before showing off Kody’s epic meltdown. He screams at the women and says he feels “persecuted” by his own family by trying to protect them throughout the pandemic. Kody wildly gesticulates and yells that he’s made so many “sacrifices” for Christine over the years and feels betrayed by her.

Naturally, fans had a lot to say about the trailer.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Youtube
Sister Wives/TLC

“What sacrifices did he make?! I’m curious to know. I have watched this show since the start and it clearly wasn’t him making the sacrifices. Good for Christine! 💜💜💜” one fan added. 

“I agree with that a 100% they have done everything for him and their family and this is how he treats them? He’s just scum,” another viewer wrote.

The overwhelming consensus from fans seems to be that Kody Brown has manipulated his family for decades and is now trying to gaslight Christine for standing up for herself.

Not a comment in defense of the family patriarch to be found

Fans really didn’t hold back in the comments section on the trailer. A few other remarks from viewers include:

  • “Cody nobody cares that your heart is broken just like you don’t care about your other wives and kids besides Robyn and her kids!”
  • “Sacrifices he mad? Lmaooo! These women sacrificed more… plus no need to yell at christine jerk!”
  • “It’s always about himself cry baby drama queen, He is mad because Christine is not afraid of him and put her foot down what Mari should of done too.”

Do you plan on watching the newest season of Sister Wives? Share your ideas about the newest season and the new trailer in the comments.

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