Fans Mistake Truely For Christine Brown, See How She’s Grown

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Fans have long talked about how Christine Brown’s daughters are the spitting image of her. The more confidence she has gained since leaving her plural marriage, the more she radiates. Therefore, with her girls being so happy and content in their lives, it is easy to see why they blend. Recently, she posted a photo of her youngest, Truely on her social media. Now that she’s almost a teenager, she is quickly becoming Christine’s next doppelganger. Check out the photos and judge for yourself.

Christine Brown Created Mini Me’s

Both Christine and her former sister wife, Janelle each had six children. Viewers have noted how their girls look most like them. With Janelle, her youngest, Savanah is her twin. For the longest time, Christine’s daughter, Ysabel was called out for being the most like her mom physically. Yes, she crushed her in the height department but with the long blond hair and sweet but strong demeanor, it was clear Ysabel was more Christine than Kody.

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Christine, Ysabel

Back in March, Christine and Janelle’s families went to Disney World as part of a wellness event. As Ysabel and her siblings started posting photos, fans could not believe how much she looked like her mother. They took to Reddit to note the similarities between the two. One noted: “She’s 100% Christine.” Yet, another Redditor had this to say: “Christine made a whole little gang of little Christine’s. They all look so much like her.” So, it should come as no shock that, in a recent photo, fans would mistake Truely for Christine. Yes, that actually happened.

Who’s Who?

Truely Brown has grown up before fans’ eyes. Her mother, Christine Brown was actually pregnant with Truely when Sister Wives premiered in 2010. Now that she is a tween, her spunky personality is a lot of fun and she keeps her siblings and her mother on their toes. She recently posted a photo of Truely on Instagram being silly in front of a tree. Her followers immediately started commenting. However, there was some confusion as to who was actually in the picture.

Christine Brown/Instagram
  • “I can’t believe that’s truly. I thought it was you Christine. She looks just like you. ❤️ love your parenting”

After the quick mix-up, the rest of the feed was people answering what type of tree it was. Christine had initially inquired what kind it was at the beginning of the post. Yet one fan did note that they immediately knew it was Truely as they have been watching from the beginning. Christine’s girls Aspyn and Ysabel do have a striking similarity so this would make a lot of sense that Truely would follow suit.

Do you think Truely looks like her mother? Let us know in the comments below and watch the Season 17 premier of Sister Wives on September 11 on TLC.

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