‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Loses Custody Of Son, Has Hope

Amber Portwood, Andrew Glennon and James

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood just suffered a tough setback in court. She lost custody of her four-year-old son James to ex, Andrew Glennon.

However, there is still hope for Amber, as the judge left the door open for her to gain more time in her son’s life. The only problem is that Andrew is moving James out of Indiana and across the country to California. This will make things a little difficult for Amber to see her son.

Judge rules against Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood

According to The Sun, a judge in the custody case between Amber Portwood and her ex-husband, Andrew Glennon, sided with Andrew. This means that he has gained full custody of four-year-old James. To make things even harder for Amber, Andrew received permission to move James with him to California and his family’s $5 million estate in Malibu.

Amber Portwood from Teen Mom

However, there is good news for Amber.

The judge said that Amber can regain overnight visitation rights, which she has not had since 2019. These rights will come in incremental time frames. At the start, Amber will travel to California for three days’ worth of visits – including overnights – and Andrew will bring James to Indiana in the next month. If that works out, she will then get five visitation days. After this, Amber can gain her parenting time based on Indiana law.

Amber and Andrew also have to both submit to drug screenings every month and Amber has to see a counselor and follow all recommendations made by that counselor. Andrew also has to reach out to Amber and discuss any medical treatment or educational and religious decisions.

Amber Portwood interview still

Amber Portwood’s legal problems led to losing custody

This entire custody battle started after Amber’s arrest in 2019 on domestic violence charges. Amber has revealed that she was dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety and started having visions. It was then that she ended up in jail. Andrew said she hit him with a shoe while he was holding James, one-year-old at the time. Andrew then said she tried to break down a door with a machete while he hid with their son.

Amber ended up accepting a plea deal and received 906 days of probation. She complied and completed the probation on April 26, 2022. She also paid her fine and completed a 26-week Batterer’s Intervention Program.

Andrew received full custody after Amber’s arrest. Last year, she asked that overnight visitation with James resume and then attempted to gain primary custody when Andrew accused her on social media of hitting their son. The judge finally came to his decision this year, and Amber will finally get a chance to come back into her son’s life. Amber also has a daughter, Leah, with ex-fiance Gary Shirley.

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