‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood’s Disturbing Response To Daughter Leah’s Therapy

Teen Mom Amber Portwood

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood‘s reaction during the November 30 reunion show left fans on the edge of their seats. Amber gets completely irate with her ex-Gary Shirley and it looks as if the feud is back on!

Portwood jumped up from her seat during the reunion after Gary revealed some secret news concerning his and Amber’s 13-year-old daughter Leah. Amber was definitely not prepared for the news that Shirley chose to share during the reunion according to E! In fact, Amber’s shocking reaction appeared to startle Shirley.

Credit: Amber Portwood MTV/YouTube
Credit: Amber Portwood MTV/YouTube

Amber Portwood Throws A Reunion Fit

The MTV star looked completely taken aback when Gary stated shared Leah’s secret. “She’s speaking to somebody, a professional,” Shirley reveals.

“You probably didn’t know this. Per Leah’s request, she didn’t want it to be talked about. I have permission to talk about it and to make it known.” Gary went on telling Portwood and Dr. Drew that Leah felt uncomfortable about it up until now and wanted the news kept quiet.

“I supported that” he continues. “I was like, it’s your safe spot.”

Shirley claims Leah and her doctor are working on different things she can do to help the communication start between her mom and her. …”She’s gone, I think about ten times.”

Credit: Amber Portwood MTV/YouTube
Credit: Amber Portwood MTV/YouTube

That was all Amber Portwood needed to hear before she let her temper get the best of her and began her rant towards Gary. “Here is the thing, I’m the mother. I need to understand what Leah is going through. So, I believe the communication should be there for that, Portwood exclaimed. “I also think that Leah is a child. She is not an adult. She doesn’t need to say anything, but you can tell me.”

The argument between Shirley and Portwood continued to mount as Gary attempted to explain his reasoning with Amber.

“She wasn’t going to go unless she felt safe and had somewhere safe to say what she wants. I was trying to let you know.”

Gary Tells Amber Portwood Leah Needs To Feel Safe

“WELL thank you for letting me know on the stage here” screamed Amber Portwood. “I don’t need a camera in front of my face for me to know something.” Amber continued to scream at Gary Shirley calling him ‘garbage’ before she finally stormed off the stage. However, Amber was not quite finished telling Shirley just what she thought about his deception.

From the side of the reunion stage, Amber continued on with her rant, “You came here with some bull crap. I just found out on camera, of course. Everything you do is for television. Done!” Portwood turned to Dr. Drew and screamed “Everything that he does is for television. I’m out! Bye. I’m not for it!” Amber then called Gary out telling him the only reason he has any money is because of her.

As previously reported by Tv Shows Ace, Amber claimed that things between her and Leah have not been great. Despite the difficulties in trying to repair her relationship with her daughter, Portwood reveals she is aware that at the time being Leah does not like her much.” However, Amber states that she is remaining positive and with her arms open wide for her daughter.

Credit: Amber Portwood Instagram
Credit: Amber Portwood Instagram

The Feud Continues

Oddly enough, over the Thanksgiving holiday, Teen Mom fans called Amber Portwood out for sharing a post and photo with her nephews that they felt was purposely meant as a direct dig at her daughter. The photo reveals Portwood and her nephews cuddled up together in a warm embrace.

Amber captioned the photo,” The love me and my nephews have is like we never parted.”

Amber Portwood’s followers immediately began commenting stating they Amber was so obviously trying to make Leah feel jealous. “Some great parenting there.No wonder Leah keeps her distance, who needs that negativity,” writes one commenter.

Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood have had many years of co-parenting disagreements, and it appears to most Teen Mom fans they will have many more to battle over before their daughter Leah is grown. Does Gary Shirley have any more of Leah’s secrets to reveal? Tune into Teen Mom OG when part 2 of the reunion continues on December 7.




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