‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Responds To Drug Accusations

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood responds to her ex’s shocking drug use accusations against her. Keep reading for all the details.

Custody Battle Gets Ugly

The custody battle between Amber Portwood and ex-baby daddy Andrew Glennon continues on. The fight between the two continues to grow uglier by the day. Amber claims she is not planning on backing down when it comes to Glennon. In fact, the more accusations he makes against her, the bigger the fight.

Glennon recently claimed that Teen Mom star Amber Portwood used drugs during her pregnancy with the former couple’s son James. He is now asking the judge to demand that Portwood submits to a hair follicle drug test. Not only does Andrew state that Amber used drugs while pregnant with James, but he also claims he has reasons to believe that she is still using, namely meth.

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Amber Portwood Calls Out Andrew Glennon As A Liar

As previously reported, Glennon reveals in recent court documents that during a recent custody exchange he witnessed Amber acting paranoid and acting irrationally. He describes Amber’s behavior on October 16 as erratic and speaking frantically. He adds that her appearance was very disheveled. Andrew goes on to state that Amber felt as if two cars parked nearby were “staking her out.”

He also adds that Amber Portwood’s recent social media videos reveal her appearing to look high with dilated pupils. Additionally, he alleges that even fans were commenting on her appearance.

Amber is denying all the recent drug accusations made about her by ex Andrew Glennon. She claims that she has never failed a drug test. She adds she is only using prescription medications and only in therapeutic dosages. Furthermore, Amber Portwood claims in court documents that Andrew Glennon continues to make such accusations against her to attempt to continuously paint her in a negative light.

Credit Amber Portwood Instagram
Credit Amber Portwood Instagram

Trying To Remain Positive

It has been a hard summer for Amber. She claims she is attempting to make amends with her daughter Leah. She claims she and Leah haven’t really been speaking much in months. Amber claims she is doing her best to remain positive on the matter, fans think it is pretty hard knowing that your daughter holds so much resentment against you. Portwood claims she is not giving up, but she and Leah’s father Gary Shirley are not forcing the issue. She believes in time Leah will come around.

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It is just so hard, claims Amber Portwood, knowing that at this time your daughter just really doesn’t like you much at all. Leah also feels that in the past her mom has always chosen men over her children. At least at the time being, Gary and Amber have reportedly ended their feud and are attempting to work together, hoping to resume a healthy co-parenting relationship in the near future.

 Credit Amber PortwoodInstagram
Credit Amber Portwood Instagram

For now, Amber Portwood reveals she is continuing to work on herself and regain her kids, love, and respect in hopes of having a healthy family relationship with both Leah and James.

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