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‘Teen Mom’: Amber Portwood Custody Case Update

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New details have been released in the long raging custody battle between Teen Mom Amber Portwood and her ex Andrew Glennon. The nasty court battle has been going on for several months and continues to grow nastier by the day. New court orders have been placed on both Amber and Andrew, pertaining to accusations made against each other back in October, according to The Sun.

The court orders that both Portwood and Glennon must now each take a drug test. The new drug test orders are based on Andrew’s October court demands that Portwood take a hair follicle drug test. As previously reported by Tv Shows Ace, Glennon claimed that during a custody exchange Amber appeared to be exhibiting behavior similar to when she was abusing meth.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Amber Portwood Set To Fight Hard For James

Glennon’s claims stated that Amber has a long history of drug abuse and claim that she also abused drugs while she was pregnant with their son. Amber responded stating she has not used any drugs other than prescription medication, all within therapeutic levels.

Amber denied drug use and demanded that Glennon be ordered to undergo drug testing as well. On January 31, the courts issued an order stating that Portwood and Glennon both submit to a 10-panel urine drug screen.

The parents of young James will be tested for methamphetamines/amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana. As well as opiates including hydrocodone, oxycodone, PCP, methadone, propoxyphene, benzodiazepines, barbituates ecstasy, and heroin.

Credit Amber PortwoodInstagram
Credit Amber Portwood Instagram

The Final Testing?

It has not been an easy go of it for Amber Portwood. Not only is she battling for custody of her son, but she is also having a difficult time with her teenage daughter Leah.  Amber revealed over the holidays that she was well aware that Leah doesn’t like her at the moment. At the time, Portwood’s ex-Gary Shirley attempted to explain that Leah sees some of the things Amber has been doing, on social media and it is embarrassing her.

Gary claims Leah is at an age where try as he might he can’t shelter her from all of Amber’s dark social media rants. Even if Leah doesn’t see them, her friends do and it is hard on her. Amber attempted to explain her actions at the time stating she was going through a “horrible manic episode.”

“Sometimes they last for a couple of weeks, You talk a lot of s**t and you just feel horrible afterward. When you get down you’re like oh man, how can I fix this. Can I fix this?”

Credit: Amber Portwood/Instagram
Credit: Amber Portwood/Instagram

Hoping To Have Leah and James Once And For All

Since then Amber is claiming she is trying to live a positive life and wants nothing more than to have both Leah and James in her life. However, she knows her relationship repair with Leah is going to take some time.

The final hearing court face-off for Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon’s custody case is coming soon. The two will meet up on Wednesday, March 2, and Thursday, March 3.


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