Fans Attack Pumpkin For ‘Poor Mothering,’ Why?


Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird and her husband Josh had been receiving high praise for a long time. The way that they had stepped up and raised Pumpkin’s little sister was truly admirable. Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson seemed to have a great relationship with both Josh and Pumpkin as well as their kids. However, now fans are calling out Pumpkin for her poor mothering skills and their reasons are very valid.

Did Pumpkin Get Too Comfortable As Mama P?

Pumpkin took Alana in back in 2019 when their mother, Mama June could no longer care for her youngest child. She had blown everything she had on drugs and eventually got arrested with her boyfriend. Obviously, Alana needed a stable place to live so Pumpkin stepped up. Despite being somewhat of a newlywed and having a young daughter, she wanted Alana to feel safe and stable. She did a really good job of always taking care of her and Alana seemed to thrive in her new home. Even when June would come back around, Pumpkin remained fiercely protective of her cub.


Last year, June appeared to want to be a part of the family again but she went off and spent 50K on a young man she just met. Yet, she returned to Georgia with a new boyfriend and home. June told Pumpkin that Alana could stay there anytime and that set her off so she immediately headed to the lawyer. She wanted sole custody of her sister and though June signed the paperwork, she made child support very difficult. That’s where Pumpkin asserted her mama bear side. However, when it comes to other parental issues, fans are no longer in support of Pumpkin.

Bad Mama

Fans were appalled when they learned that Alana was dating Dralin who was twenty when she was sixteen. Then, it just came out that he had been arrested in 2019 for statutory rape of a fifteen-year-old. He was eighteen and the case was just dismissed last December. Pumpkin has yet to comment but she did do a TikTok live with Dralin apparently this morning. He was shirtless and she asked about Alana being awake. It seems she was asleep in the bed right next to him.



Fans were immediately alerted to this. How could Pumpkin allow her sixteen-year-old sister in a bed with her now twenty-one-year-old boyfriend? More so, if this is going to happen, why was it one camera?


They feel that the job Pumpkin was once praised for is no longer. Some fans even said that they felt it is only a matter of time before Alana ends up pregnant. This is really sad that she appears to have no one truly guiding her. Mama June cannot leave Alabama because that is where her husband has to stay. Pumpkin has four little ones so she is preoccupied and seems to want to be a cool parent. She needs to get herself together or all of Alana’s dreams will be shattered.

What do you think of Pumpkin’s mothering when it comes to Alana? Let us know.

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  1. I think it’s not really our business what goes on in their house. We watch this family for entertainment for 1 hour a week, it doesn’t give any of us a right to demand they live like we want them to. If you don’t like what’s going on stop watching them. It’s unbelievable how entitled everyone is when it comes to reality stars lives off camera🙄 Get a life of your own.

  2. why is she spending the night with her boy friend ge is to old for her and she dont need a baby in the mix josh has to shut this down

  3. I was so upset when they let Alanna go out with a grown ass man. Pumpkin has always been a guiding light for Alanna, but now she dropped the ball. Alanna should be hanging out with school friends and going to parties and acting like a teenager. She should not be in a serious relationship at her age. We really don’t want to see Alanna 16 and pregnant. Pumpkin do the right thing by Alanna. It will hurt at first but she will appreciate what you do for her in the end. She’s a kid for crapsakes, she doesn’t need to grow up so damn fast. I’m routing for this family to make it in the end.

  4. Pumpkin is not the nice sweet girl she portrays on the show. I know how she acts & has a foul mouth, flipped off the bird on camera & constantly drops the “f” bomb on social media. A 16-year girl should not be with a 21-year old man. He could be charged for rape if he is having sex with an underage girl. These people are all con artist on social media looking for more money.Beware!!!

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