Mama June’s SHOCKING Response To Pumpkin’s Bare Cupboards?

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Mama June Shannon went on TikTok last month to dispute claims that she was an absentee mother and grandmother. Though her daughter, Pumpkin had yet to confirm the birth of her twins, June did it for her. It was not out of kindness but because she was being talked about in the press. People had said she was not around for her new grandchildren and she wanted to put to rest the lies. That was when she told her side of everything. However, it appears that the twenty-two-year-old needs her mother now just as much as she ever did. So, what does June have to say about it all now? Read on to find out.

How Much Does Mama June Really Care?

In 2019, June made so many mistakes. She had lost everything to substance abuse and her new life with her boyfriend Geno Doak. That was when the decision was made that her youngest daughter, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson needed a new stable home. So, she went to go live with her older sister Pumpkin while June went to rehab and got her life back on track. Pumpkin was also married and had a toddler to raise so the house was filling up. June’s other daughter, Jessica soon joined the party after mama sold the title to her car. No one was safe from her wrath and then the pandemic hit everyone very hard and they struggled. Finally, in mid-2021, June broke free from Geno and claimed she wanted to be an active part of her family’s life.

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By this time, Pumpkin had welcomed her second child and Jessica still was not working. June seemingly was not contributing to Alana’s welfare and the burden fell on Pumpkin and her husband, Josh. Then, June bailed after she and Alana went on a business trip to Cali where she spent 50K on a man she met online. This was followed up by a whirlwind romance with another man in recovery, Justin Stroud. He soon came to Georgia to live with her despite a warrant out for him missing probation meetings in Alabama. She had bought a new trailer home, the two got married in March, and Pumpkin got sole custody of Alana this April. They started to really struggle soon after.

Struggling To Get By

When Pumpkin got sole custody of Alana, Mama June was ordered to pay child support However, the amount was relatively low compared to what her income showed. Paperwork showed that June made 25K/month but she only had to pay Pumpkin $800/month. It was income from the show and since it had yet to be renewed, it held no weight. There was also no back support for all the years she was not around. Then, at the end of May, Pumpkin welcomed twins, a pregnancy that had been leaked by TMZ in April but never confirmed by the family. It soon seemed that June was an absentee grandma. She wanted to dispel this by saying she was there the night before and the day of the birth, confirming the twins.

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Additionally, she confirmed that she left right after for a trip but had yet to return. Justin must stay in Alabama for the time being. Her sister Doe Doe was seen bringing Pumpkin baby essentials. According to The Sun, a source close to the family said: “Pumpkin told June she didn’t have any groceries in the house, and she told Pumpkin ‘Well you better get on TikTok and make some d*** n money.” Right now, Pumpkin and company are in California for meet and greets while Alana sells shirts online. Yet, June seems to want to help everyone but those the closest to her.

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