Pumpkin Enabling Honey Boo Boo Down Bad Path?

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Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird has been seen as a hero since 2019. She took in her little sister Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson when she needed stability and safety. However, as time has gone on, it seems as though Pumpkin might have too much on her plate to focus on Alana as she has gotten older. She may love and adore her sister but is she enabling her rather than protecting her? Fans think so.

Pumpkin Saves The Day

When Mama June Shannon got in trouble with drugs and the law, there was one big question. It was not necessarily about what would happen to June but about her youngest daughter Alana. She was left out to dry but luckily, she had her older sister Pumpkin jump in and take control. Pumpkin was newly married to her husband, Josh Efird, and had a little girl, Ella but she came to Alana’s rescue. Though Alana had a father, Sugar Bear, he was married to Jennifer and she was toxic.


In 2019, they settled in as a new family with their older sister Jessica joining in the following year. In 2021, Pumpkin welcomed her second child, a baby boy named Bentley. Yet Pumpkin and Josh were about to have another situation to contend with. Alana was getting ready to turn sixteen and that meant she would be dating. She had met a guy named Dralin through friends and really liked him. He received Pumpkin’s seal of approval and soon after Alana’s birthday, they started dating.

Concern For Alana, Pumpkin Drops The Ball

Fans were not thrilled when they learned about Alana and Dralin, mainly because he was twenty. They questioned how Pumpkin could allow this to happen. Yet the whole family liked him so it did not matter to them. Alana even gave interviews saying she was not concerned with what others had to say. Then, the other day, it resurfaced that Dralin had been arrested in 2019 for statutory rape of a fifteen-year-old when he was eighteen. The case was dismissed in December 2021.


Now, things have gotten worse. Apparently, Dralin and Pumpkin were battling on TikTok when she asked him if Alana was awake. As he sat there shirtless, he called for Alana to wake up when she was right next to him. This sent people down a spiral that Pumpkin would enable her teenage sister to be in bed with her boyfriend. Plus, the fact that it was on a live video made it so much worse. Yes, teenagers will do things, no one is naive but broadcasting it makes Pumpkin look so much worse.



Back in April, Pumpkin gained sole custody of Alana and is given $800/month in child support from their mother. Currently, there is talk of the girls getting their own show but this may steer fans away from it. What are your thoughts on Pumpkin allowing Dralin and Alana to share a bed? Let us know in the comments below.

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