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Mama June Reacts To Pumpkin Asking For Sole Custody

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Mama June Shannon no longer has custody of her daughter, Alana Thompson. This decision was finalized in April of this year. Yet, viewers of Road to Redemption are watching the whole process unfold. So, how did June react to learning there was paperwork from Pumpkin asking for sole custody? Read on to find out.

Mama June Begins To Lose Alana, Pumpkin Steps Up

When June first started dating Geno Doak, everything seemed fine. Then, gradually, the couple went down a very bad path. It included drugs and selling everything that she had accumulated. Being on reality television had made Mama June a pretty penny and she was about to lose it all. Eventually, they got arrested but her youngest daughter, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson needed a stable residence. In 2019, one of June’s three older daughters, Pumpkin took Alana in. She was married and had a young daughter but wanted to ensure that her sister had everything that she needed.

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June went on to go get sober and she did try at times but Alana was best suited for life with Pumpkin, her husband Josh, and their daughter Ella. Even their sister, Jessica moved in after June pawned the title to her car and she had nothing left. Finally, June was going back and forth about what to do in regards to Geno. She claimed that he was abusive and she needed to get away. When she finally ended the relationship, she sought solace in another man in Alabama. Once again, she had abandoned her family for a man. It was becoming clear to Pumpkin she needed to make a permanent decision when it came to Alana.

Executing The Plan

Once Mama June returned to Georgia, she had a new home and a new man. She said that there was enough room for Alana to come and stay but that was a no-go for Pumpkin. Along with Josh, they had worked so hard to create a stable home and there was no way she was going to disrupt that. So, Pumpkin, Josh, and Alana went to an attorney to get the papers for sole custody. On a trip to Las Vegas, coordinated by Mama June, Pumpkin planned to present these papers. Yet, how will she react to turning over her youngest child? In a clip from TooFab, Pumpkin and Jessica are in the hotel, planning how to give June the papers.

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Pumpkin is hoping that, because June is blind, she won’t really be able to read what she is signing. She just needs to sign and production will take care of the notary. Production gets June and she wants to know what is up. Pumpkin explains that with mama’s lifestyle, Alana’s custody stuff needs to be redone. It would just be best to put Alana with Pumpkin permanently and since Alana is sixteen, they didn’t need Sugar Bear. June admits that it was a slap in the face after all the fun that they had but will she put up a fight before she signs?

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