‘Blade’ Is Coming To The MCU, Here’s Everything We Know

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Nick Davis

Marvel is finally bringing the daywalker back. Unofficially, it’s been known for a while that the Marvel Cinematic Universe had a Blade project in the works. But at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 we finally got confirmation of a release date for an upcoming Blade feature film.

This is the vampire-slaying hero who arguably began the 21st-century resurgence of Marvel in the public consciousness. Before Iron Man or X-Men were taking over box office numbers, the original Blade trilogy was the biggest Marvel film series in the world. So here’s everything we know thus far about the comeback of Blade, the half-human, half-vampire hybrid.

Blade In The MCU

wesley snipes blade movie
Wesley Snipes as the original Blade

The announcement of the new Blade movie came along with the entire release calendar for MCU’s Phase 5. The timeline shows Blade with a late 2023 release date. Just a little over a year away until the arrival of the vampire hunter in theaters once again. There was also an announcement that this new Blade film will be PG-13.

This came as a fairly large disappointment to fans. Disney seems set on the idea that a movie can’t be successful with an R rating. This is in spite of the fact that two of the biggest Marvel film franchises of all time, Deadpool and, of course, Blade, were R-rated classics. Many fans want to see all the gory goodness of the daywalker slaughtering bloodsuckers once again. The realization we won’t quite be getting that is an uneasy one for many.

We also know who the new Blade is. Another disappointment to many fans is that Wesley Snipes won’t be returning as the classic character. For many, Snipes is the definitive version of the character and can’t be replaced.

However many are fairly happy with his replacement, Mahershala Ali. Ali has actually been in the MCU before as the Luke Cage antagonist Cottonmouth. There’s no telling how they’ll handle Blade and Cage meeting on screen for the first time with this in mind. But it is going to be a little strange to see.

Still, Ali is a fantastic actor, and it is easy for many fans to picture him as the smooth vampire slayer.

The Next Phase Of Marvel

Phase 4 is quickly drawing to a close at the end of this year. It’s the very first phase to end without any Avengers movies. And Phase 5 has no Avengers films either. Marvel is making up for that, however, by giving us two of them in 2025 as the spearheads of Phase 6. On top of that, there are rumors that even more MCU project announcements are coming as a part of the D23 expo this September. So many Marvel announcements that fans are having trouble keeping track of it all.

The brand new Blade film is coming to theaters on November 3rd, 2023.

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