‘Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur’ – All The Details On Newest MCU Show

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Prepare for a wave of new Marvel show announcements to be coming very soon. With San Diego Comic-Con going on later this month, there are sure to be a number of big reveals. Until then, Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur is the newest big thing in development for Marvel television. It’s an animated show geared towards kids that they aim to release on both Disney+ and Disney Channel. Here you can find out everything you may be curious to know about Marvel’s newest show. And the intriguing names of its characters.

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur

moon girl and devil dinosaur mcu
The promotional art for the MCU’s ‘Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur’

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur is one of the newer Marvel duos to hit the comics. Issue #1 of the comic came out only in 2016. They’re a repurposing of an older, obscure duo Moon Boy And Devil Dinosaur. A group made by Marvel legend Jack Kirby in the late 1970s. Moon Boy And Devil Dinosaur had their own comic, as well as some involvement with the X-Men and New Mutants before eventually fading away. Decades later, Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur appear to give the comics a popular new character.

The Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur comics are very popular with young, new Marvel comics readers. So it’s obvious that Marvel is hoping that success will translate well to animation on Disney Channel. As far as whether or not Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur are going to be officially in the MCU, that’s uncertain as of this time. Currently, it’s not set to be in the same continuity (Or, at least, in the same universe) as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But that doesn’t mean considerations won’t be made if the show sees enough success. They’ve certainly made concessions in the past for popular characters. Like Tom Hardy’s Venom making a surprise appearance in the most recent Spider-Man film.

The core of Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur‘s story is that it’s about a young girl named Lunella Lafayette. A girl with superhuman-level intelligence who also has a mental link with a creature named Devil Dinosaur. Together they go on a number of adventures spurred on by Lunella’s endless curiosity and desire to help people.

Much More Marvel To Come

As said previously, San Diego Comic-Con is happening at the end of July and of course, Marvel is hosting a number of panels. Any announcements they may or may not make are purely speculative as of right now. But many are expecting trailers for some upcoming Disney+ MCU shows. As well as potentially some new content announcements, television, film, or otherwise. There are still dozens of comic characters that fans are hoping to see brought into the MCU soon. Within the next week, we may have confirmation that some of those characters are finally arriving.

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur is set to release on Disney+ sometime in 2023.

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