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‘She-Hulk’ Gets A Full Trailer Featuring Daredevil, Watch Here

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She-Hulk is the newest superhero to be taking the spotlight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s been talk about her coming to the big screen for a long time now. And while she’s still yet to make an appearance in any feature films, her own solo show is a good start.

There was a teaser trailer for the upcoming show a while back that was a bit controversial. The reason being how faulty the CGI looks in the trailer, leaving many to believe that the show would be a flop. But this new trailer shows off cleaner-looking CGI, among many other things to build hype around the show, including the appearance of a fan-favorite MCU character who has been dormant for some time now.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

daredevil she hulk trailer youtube
A mysterious shot from the ‘She-Hulk’ trailer showing Daredevil in a new suit

The trailer for She-Hulk is out on YouTube now, and it gives a good look into Jennifer Walters’ conflicts in the show. She’s a lawyer who winds up gaining powers fairly similar (but not exactly the same) as her cousin, Bruce Banner.

She winds up combining the lawyer and newfound superhero sides of her life to become a superhuman attorney. This is a good chance for the MCU to further explore the legal aspects of their superhero world, similar to their exploration of superhero legalities and international rights in both Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War. She-Hulk actually plays a big role in the comic version of Civil War because of her legal profession.

A number of big-name Marvel characters make appearances in the new trailer. We see more of both The Hulk and Abomination. We knew both characters would be in the show from past trailers, but this gives more of an insight into their roles in the show.

At the very end of the trailer, we also get a short teaser revealing that Daredevil will be making an appearance in She-Hulk. His face is not actually shown, but it’s clear via the look we get at the costume and his baton weapons that it is definitely Daredevil.

The worlds of Daredevil and She-Hulk have always intertwined in the Marvel comics. They’re both attorneys and superheroes in New York City, so it’s only natural for them to cross paths often.

MCU Phase 5

San Diego Comic-Con came and went this past week, and left many new reveals in its wake. The biggest one for Marvel fans being that Phase 4 is ending with She-Hulk and the upcoming Black Panther film later this year. Meaning that the MCU’s Phase 5 officially begins next year.

And we got the entire release map for every show and film coming in Phase 5.  She-Hulk wasn’t included among all the big names on the Phase 5 lineup, but she’ll undoubtedly be making an appearance. At a bare minimum, she’ll be appearing in the new Avengers films, which were officially announced with 2025 release dates.

She-Hulk begins streaming at Disney+ on August 17th. Watch the latest trailer below.

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