‘I Am Groot’ On Disney+ Gets Its First Trailer, Watch Here

i am groot disney plus first trailer youtube
Nick Davis

It is San Diego Comic-Con time, which means massive announcements in the nerd world. Marvel, of course, has a number of things in the chamber ready to drop on us. And the first of those things is here. The name is I Am Groot, and it’s the first solo show for any member of the popular Guardians Of The Galaxy. The lovable and taciturn tree will be getting five episodes of his very own in less than a month. The first trailer for the show is now here, and it showcases some very promising visuals at a time when Marvel visuals have become somewhat controversial.

I Am Groot

i am groot trailer youtube
A shot of Groot from the trailer for ‘I Am Groot’

The trailer is out on YouTube now and primarily showcases one of the show’s five shorts. It’s not going to be a show with a continuous storyline like many of the other MCU Disney+ shows. Rather it’s going to be a series of self-contained mini-stories that show off Groot in his adorable baby form.

The animation in the trailer looks fantastic. It’s clean, bright, and has a level of polish that has been somewhat absent from several recent Marvel projects. Across social media recently there has been some controversy about the MCU’s treatment of its animators. Many former employees of animation studios have given their nightmare stories of long hours and impossible deadlines. That in combination with the extreme spike in MCU content output recently is resulting in some complaints on the state of the visuals right now. Many posting screenshots from the most lackluster moments in the trailers for She-Hulk and Thor: Love & Thunder.

In contrast, I Am Groot looks to have fantastic visuals. The director, Kirsten Lepore, has done work on a number of viral animations. Most recently, she was the animation director for the film Marcel The Shell With Shoes On. She also made a viral animation video from 2017 titled Hi Stranger. A video that made people all across the world incredibly uncomfortable (Intentionally so).

Marvel At Comic-Con

We’re just in the beginning of the legion of Marvel announcements we’ll be getting at this year’s Comic-Con. Yesterday was the Marvel animation panel. So we got announcements on all of the MCU’s upcoming animation projects. From I Am Groot to X-Men ’97 to Spider-Man: Freshman Year. Now all that’s left is for Marvel to get into the announcements for their upcoming feature films. Theories are running wild about trailers and announcements for everything from Blade to Ironheart and the upcoming Black Panther film. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes down the pipeline. There’s certainly a lot to be excited about this week if you’re a Marvel fanatic.

I Am Groot comes to Disney+ on August 10th. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3  is still currently set to release in 2023. Watch the I Am Groot trailer below:

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