Matt Roloff Implies Kids Are Entitled Brats, Blames Amy?

Amy Roloff - Matt Roloff - LPBW - Youtube

A lot of LPBW fans are painting Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler as the villains of Season 23. During the Finale, however, Matt Roloff makes an effort to call attention to the fact that not everything is his fault all of the time. Toward the end of the episode, in fact, it turns out that the TLC personality might not think that highly of his own children.

Warning: LPBW Season 23 Finale spoilers ahead!

LPBW - Caryn Chandler - Matt Roloff - Youtube
LPBW – Caryn Chandler – Matt Roloff – Youtube

Matt Roloff implies kids are entitled brats, Amy’s fault?

Matt Roloff and his ex-wife Amy go head-to-head near the end of the episode. He points out that Amy was not in the room during the negotiations for the property. So, there are a lot of things she just doesn’t know anything about. Amy, however, insists that Matt should have taken his business cap off and approached the situation as a father to his children.

The TLC personality shifted the conversation after they headed over to get the exercise bicycle. He noted that the real problem with the situation was their children being entitled. Amy Roloff asked her ex-husband to clarify what he meant by that. He noted that the problem with selling to his children was that they were not willing to put in the world.

LPBW - Roloff - YouTube - TLC
LPBW – Roloff – YouTube – TLC

Amy Roloff admitted she was a bit baffled by his reason. Why? Well, because once he sold the property to his children… It shouldn’t matter what they do with the property because it now belongs to them. LPBW fans, however, suspected for a while that Matt wished to retain some control of the property while selling it to one of his kids.

Did Amy Roloff and her husband raise brats?

Responding to what his ex-wife said, he explained he was talking about the journey to getting where they were not. He noted that their children never really respected the property the way did. Matt clarified he was referring to all the broken windows and the pieces of trash. Amy made it a point to note that they raised the children together and she would not take all of the blame for the kids being spoiled. Matt chimed back into the conversation saying that he has been very open about the mistakes he made in the past. Then, he questioned if she was ever honest with herself about her mistakes.

LPBW - Roloff - YouTube - TLC
LPBW – Roloff – YouTube – TLC

Shortly after, Matt stormed off frustrated that everything always seemed to be his fault.

How do you feel about Matt Roloff calling his children entitled, spoiled brats? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on Little People, Big World

Allie Johnson


  1. For the love of Pete!!!!
    Now!!!! The kids are to blame….Matt needs to come down off his pedestal….How old was the kids with the broken windows. What if a rock went through while mowing….sounds ridiculous???? So, does He. This is the biggest drama I have ever heard. Alot, of men groom the Boys to take over their business when they want to retire. Letting them have full CONTROL….
    But, to be an advisor.
    Matt will never get this concept. Anyone, that would be so dumb as to buy….next to him is asinine….he would make your life a living hell.
    If, you didn’t sign a contract that he had NO say…it was your property and then build a 10 or 12 ft privatesy fence would be the only way. Whomever would be insane to even get in that drama. He just thought given it was TV. He would have free advertising and people would jump at it.
    It would be simpler to jump off Mt. Everst.

  2. Matt is a colossal JERK-always has been always will be. May have provided financial support but sure wasn’t much of a father to his kids. Always thought only of himself and what made him happy. His way or no way. Now he has Caryl to make all his decisions for him. She has a plan–divide and conquer–and it’s working well for her. She will have it all(money and property). Matt is being led around like a sick bull. He will, hopefully, live to regret how he’s alienated his children–they will want nothing to do with him (it’s already happening). And, Anyone who would buy that farm acerage with him living on it is a FOOL. He would be awful to have as a neighbor.

    1. Oh wow! I couldn’t agree with you more!!!
      Matt has to realize that Caryn isn’t in love with him, she’s an adulterous money and fame seeking sleaze bag. But Matt has thrown his children to the curb to make sure his harlot stays with him.

  3. If Matt had a heart, he would split the farm 4 ways, he has 4 kids. As a Father he should sell to each kid at a reasonable amount not as a greedy business man! That way it would stay in the Family and all the Grandchildren would enjoy the Farm but as it is now, none of the kids or Grandkids will enjoy nothing and it won’t stay in the Family. It’s really sad to see!! I think at this point I’d be alright if TLC would say we are cancelling LPBW to be honest, Matt screwed things up bigtime!!

  4. The kids are entitled, and it comes from their Mother. Everything Matt did she was unsatisfied with, complained about every idea, was impatient rude even, no matter what he did. Some of the kids especially Zach have followed the Mother and now Tori is following Zach, just being rude, and entitled, doing much of nothing but talking bad about Matt and breeding. I hope he goes on and lives a wonderful life and tells Amy and her man who is not going to stay with her that she is a ex for a reason, and they can’t have lunch dates and trips to their house. Somehow Chris and Amy need to get a life. The kids left many years ago all but Zach and everyone has moved on with their lives. Matt should not be the only one left to continue to work hard and hold on to something the entire family let go many years ago.

    1. Really? You know how retarded you sound! Kids were raised by both parent you can not blame AMY for all that…It takes both of them and kids need boundaries and consistency. Matt and Amy were never on the same page with anything…this is why their marriage failed. I do not find their kids anymore entitled then most kids in America….by the way I have 3 kids all in college: one in medical school, one in Nursing and the other majoring in chemical engineering. It helps we you and your spouse are on the same page!.

  5. Matt IS AND WAS mentally ill. Narcissitic, Opositional Defiant, Borderline personality, disruptive mood distegulation and a first class manipulator. Threatened that he was dying in front of his kids all his life and drilled the family farm legacy into their souls all their life!! Then blames everything wrong on Amy and the children?! No! Matt! Caryn will have the last laugh, they ARE married and she will get all the property! She has been the architect of the Roloff downfall from early on! Matt is blind to it because she is s WAY better actor than him! C’mon people!

  6. I remember when I watched that episode between Matt and Amy. I was shocked when he was running out of excuses, he blames Amy, and say’s that Jeremy and Zack think they’re entitled. I was never so upset, the real truth is he feels guilty because he wants the money from the farm much more than he cares about his kids, and I never saw that coming. I never thought he would give up his relationship with his kids and grandkids for the greed of money. I would never watch him again. I heard Zack and his family are going on, hopefully without Matt because I will not watch if he plays any part in it. I was impressed with Amy’s new husband as I liked how honestly wants to be around the family and help with projects and willing advice. I watched this show from the beginning and all I can say to Matt is love your money because that’s all your left with. Such a crying shame on him.

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