‘LPBW’: The Real Reason Amy Roloff Is So Happy?

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Little People, Big World fans are rallying behind Chris Marek as they love seeing how supportive and considerate he is of his wife, Amy Roloff. As TvShowsAce recently reported, Amy took to her Instagram Stories to share a project her husband was working on. Turns out, Chris Marek was creating a small patio for her herb garden. She doted about how hard her husband was working. She later took to her Instagram to share an update with fans. Chris Marek completed her patio and she appreciated the “amazing job” he did.

Amy and Chris Marek
[Amy Roloff / Instagram]

LPBW fans share the real reason Amy Roloff is so happy

On Reddit, fans shared a screenshot of Amy doting on the great job her husband did on her new patio. The OP of the thread noted that the new patio probably wasn’t the real reason Amy was beaming with joy. The OP went on to speculate it was likely the fact that she finally had a husband who was considerate of things she wanted. Other LPBW fans chimed into the comments expressing a lot of love for Chris Marek. One fan even jested Chris Marek was their “favorite Roloff.”

Matt Roloff was cast in a bad light during this week’s episode

As TVShowsAce previously reported, Matt Roloff made a decision to do something to the property that his ex-wife Amy had expressed wanting for a long time. She became visibly frustrated with him so casually embracing doing something that he had shot down so many times. Matt Roloff explained to the camera there was no value in paving the driveway when they lived there. It, however, is a different story now that he’s trying to increase the resell value of the property.

Matt Roloff - Instagram
Matt Roloff – Instagram

LPBW fans are loving Amy Roloff’s husband Chris Marek

Back on the Reddit thread, fans had nothing but good things to say about Chris Marek. They loved the way he supported Amy. And, they loved the way he quickly gave attention to Zach that he seemingly never got from his father.

“Amy…you are glowing! Chris is a great match for you…you have your happy ending now!!” One fan penned in the Reddit thread.

Amy Roloff Instagram
Amy Roloff Instagram

Another fan chimed in: “How lovely of a change it must be for her. Instead of a man always doing projects he says are for you and the benifit for your life she has a man who does projects she has clearly asked for or he knows she needs. Im really happy for her.”

Do you agree that Chris Marek lifts Amy up and makes her smile in a way that Matt Roloff never did? Is he your favorite member of the cast right now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on LPBW.

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