Caryn Chandler Learns To Stay Out Of Roloff Family Business?

LPBW - Caryn Chandler - Matt Roloff - Youtube

Caryn Chandler has caught a lot of heat for the duration of Little People, Big World Season 23 as fans beleive she was far too involved in Roloff family business. Many fans believe Caryn should not have had a seat at the table during the negioations with Matt’s children for the property. Many fans actually blame Caryn as the real reason why things didn’t work out. There are several interesting theories fans have regarding why Caryn didn’t want Matt to sell to his children.

Warning: LPBW Season 23 Finale spoilers ahead! 

LPBW Caryn Chandler - Youtube
LPBW Caryn Chandler – Youtube

Caryn Chandler done with Roloff family business?

During the LPBW Season 23 Finale, Caryn Chandler admits she’s realized something after watching how things played out following Matt and Zach being unable to come to an agreement. She realized that she just needs to stay out of Roloff family business. Would things have happened differently if she hadn’t been in the room during the negiotations?

Matt Roloff did explain early on in Season 23 why Caryn Chandler was part of the negioations. He told the cameras that he’s not as young as he used to be and his brain just doesn’t work as well as it used to. He brought Caryn in because he wanted an extra pair of ears listening to the conversation that had his best interest at heart. Matt Roloff tried to make it clear that all the decisions being made were his. He just wanted an extra pair of ears in the room.

What Does Caryn Chandler Do For A Living? 2022 Net Worth [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

Why do LPBW fans think she blocked the sale?

As TvShowsAce reported recently, fans believe Caryn saw a bigger problem with one of the kids owning some of the property. This would result in Amy Roloff continuing to come around the property to see her grandchildren. This would mean that Caryn couldn’t get away from her boyfriend’s ex-wife. By not selling to his children, Matt Roloff created a wedge between himself and the rest of the family. Some fans speculate this is what Caryn really wanted as it meant she would finally get Matt to herself.

There are also some fans who question what will happen to the property if Matt passes away. Some fans worry the property will pass to one of Caryn Chandler’s children. They fear this moreso if Matt and Caryn ever get married.

Credit: Caryn Chandler/Instagram
Credit: Caryn Chandler/Instagram

Do you think Caryn Chandler had a hand in why Matt Roloff didn’t sell some of his property to any of his children? Will she stay out of family business moving forward?

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  1. She puts herself in the middle of everting. Just wait until they are married it will be worse. She sets there with that silly smirk on her face. Matt is so wrapped up in her, she is using it to turn things her way.

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