Roloff Farms Lands On Market: Caryn Chandler To Blame?

LPBW - Matt Roloff - Caryn Chandler - Instagram

LPBW fans were whipped into a frenzy yesterday when they learned some of Roloff Farms landed on the market. Through his own confirmation on Instagram, fans learned the Little People, Big World star plans to downsize his current workload and move on to the next chapter of his life. This included making the difficult decision to put 16 acres of Roloff Farms on the market.

Some fans, however, can’t help but wonder what inspired Matt Roloff to come to this decision. What was the driving factor that made him decide NOW was the time to put 16 acres of his property up for sale. Unsurprisingly, some fans were quick to point a few fingers in Matt’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler’s direction. Did she have anything to do with the property landing on the market?

LPBW - Caryn chandler - Matt Roloff Youtube
LPBW – Caryn chandler – Matt Roloff Youtube

Roloff Farms lands on the market, confirmed by Matt

Matt Roloff’s son Jacob spilled the beans about a week ago on the sale of Roloff Farms. Jacob took to Twitter and slipped up in telling people he was preparing the farm to sell. Jacob Roloff tried to delete the tweet and spin the story to be nothing more than him stirring the pot. But, a week later Matt confirmed what Jacob originally said was true. He, however, clarified he was selling just 16 acres of the property. These acres did include the old family farmhouse and the big red barn.

As fans recall, the Roloff family purchased the 109 acres of property roughly three decades ago. What was truly unique about this property was the Roloffs were the second family to own it. Matt Roloff has described his 109 acres of property as “an agritainment extravaganza” over the years. As he continues to age, however, he has decided it is time to dial back that extravaganze just a bit.

LPBW stars Matt and Caryn
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The property is currently listed with Juli Martin at Luxe Forbes Global Properties. The property is listed with a $4 million asking price. The listing says the property would be ideal for someone who wants privacy, security, and a lot of space.

This still leaves one big question: Why did Matt Roloff decide to sell part of Roloff Farms?

Did Caryn Chandler play a role in this decision?

Caryn Chandler catches a lot of heat from LPBW fans. Many believe she is ultimately the reason why Matt and Amy broke up in the first place. Likewise, fans believe she’s a massive gold digger and only wants to be with Matt for his money. So, some fans are wondering if Caryn pushed Matt to sell some of the property. Likewise, the old farmhouse is also a connection to Matt’s former marriage and life before Caryn. So, it would make sense that she would want to sell it and get it out of Matt’s life.

Matt Roloff - Instagram
Matt Roloff – Instagram

Do you think Caryn Chandler may have had a hand in Matt’s decision to sell part of Roloff Farms? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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  1. Cha Cha as she is known figures she will get Matt to sell and Cha-Ching, she sees monies coming her way.
    The house in Arizona isn’t even in here name,
    Matt purchased it from her parents and only his name is on the deed.
    She is pretty much the fool when it comes to Matt, Amy had a great deal on the ball and look what he did to her.
    Matt uses everyone. He will die alone because of his greed and Cha Cha will be stuck with his ashes, like she deserves.

    1. I disagree
      Matt cannot do all the work the farm needs.
      Also Caryn moved on with her life let Matt enjoy his life too.
      It might not always be about money

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