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‘LPBW’ Fans Fear Caryn Chandler Will Get Roloff Farms When Matt Dies

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LPBW fans wonder what will happen to Roloff Farms after Matt Roloff passes away. While fans don’t expect Matt to die tomorrow, he is 60-years-old. He isn’t going to live forever. Fans know Matt rejected Audrey and Jeremy’s offer on the phone and he’s also rejected Zach and Tori’s offer. A recent trailer reveals that Matt wanted to sell to Zach, but wasn’t happy with the price he offered. Zach accused Matt of trying to profit off his family. Matt, however, made it seem like his son was just expecting him to hand him the keys to the Roloff Farms castle.

As Matt runs out of hands to pass the property to, fans realize his girlfriend Caryn Chandler is left standing. Would Caryn take over the property if Matt passes away?

LPBW Trailer - Instagram
LPBW Trailer – Instagram

Fans worry Caryn Chandler will inherit Roloff Farms

As TvShowsAce has reported before, fans worry about what Matt Roloff marrying Caryn would mean for Roloff Farms. Matt has always talked about wanting to pass the property off to one of his children and keep it in the family. He’s even envisioned his boys coming together and sharing the property. If Matt Roloff marries Caryn and he passes away… What happens to the property? What happens to Caryn?

There are many fans who believe Caryn Chandler is nothing more than a gold digger. They believe she’s with Matt because she saw dollar signs. These same fans think Caryn is whispering in Matt’s ear and slowly pushing all his children away so there is no one left but her to take over the property. At that point, fans believe the property will change hands and Caryn will give it to her children instead.

'LPBW' Caryn Chandler Matt Roloff/Instagram
‘LPBW’ Caryn Chandler Matt Roloff/Instagram

Would Jacob and Isabel take over?

Technically, Matt Roloff has not rejected an offer from Jacob and Isabel Roloff as far as fans know. Isabel and Jacob Roloff, however, do not appear to be as financially stable as the rest of Matt’s children. Jacob has been very hands-on in helping his father on the property. And, Isabel has been spotted walking around the property with Mateo. Passing the property to Jacob and Isabel, however, would create some dicey issues with the show as Jacob refuses to be part of the TLC series. So, there are some concerns that selling or giving some of the property to Jacob and his wife could be the beginning of the end for this series.

Jacob Roloff Instagram, LPBW
Jacob Roloff Instagram

Do you think Matt Roloff will let the property fall into Caryn’s hands? Or, do you think he has a plan to avoid that? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, stick with us for more Roloff news.


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