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Matt Roloff Shares Never Before Seen Pic Of His ‘LP’ Brother

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Matt Roloff admits that he missed National Siblings Day by a few weeks, but he found a treasure while cleaning up his office that he just had to share with fans. According to the LPBW star, this gem was a photo of himself and a few of his siblings when they were very young. Matt even did his 750,000 Instagram followers a solid and identified each of the individuals in the photo.

Matt penned in the caption of his rare photo, “left to Right … brother Samuel George, Joshua Luke, Matthew James, and sister Ruth Margret.”

The photo left fans with one big question. Did Matt Roloff have a sibling that was also a little person?

Little People Big World Matt Roloff Youtube
Little People Big World Matt Roloff Youtube

Does Matt Roloff have a brother that is a little person?

Getting the people a bit mixed up, one fan asked if “Matthew James” was also a little person. Other fans quickly chimed in to point out that Matthew was Matt. The individual apologized and noted they actually meant the kid to the far left, Samuel George. By this time, Matt Roloff himself got in on the conversation and was happy to clear up the confusion.

Matt clarified: “yes. Sam is an LP just like me. But 6 yrs younger.”

Matt Roloff/Amy Roloff/YouTube
Matt Roloff/Amy Roloff/YouTube

Are his parents little people?

As Distractify reminds us, Matt’s parents are Peggy and Ron Roloff. Fans have seen Matt’s parents a handful of times over the years on LPBW. While both Matt and his younger brother Samuel are little people, neither of their parents are little people. Likewise, the same is true for Matt’s ex-wife Amy Roloff. According to the bio on her website, she is the only little person in her family. Neither her parents nor any of her siblings are little people as well.

Could any of Matt Roloff’s children have LP kids?

There is still a lot to learn about genetics, but dwarfism can run in families. Statistically, Zach and Tori are more likely to have children that are LP because both Zach and his father are little people. While it is a little less likely for Jeremy, Jacob, and Molly, the possibility of having children that are also little people is still there.

Matt Roloff - Instagram
Matt Roloff – Instagram

Matt Roloff’s followers react to his rare photo

Questions about whether other members of his family were also little people wasn’t the only thing fans talked about in the comments of this rare photo. Isabel Roloff, for example, took to the comments to gush about how much she loved this old photo. Some fans opted to talk about how adorable Matt looked in the photo. Here’s some of what other fans had to say:

  • “Wow Matt I sure see Jackson in you here! You were a very cute little boy.”
  • “Didn’t realize you had so many siblings. Love all the biblical names.”
  • “Awwwwe, nice. you had that devilish little look even then. Lol”

Did you know Matt Roloff had so many siblings? Did you know one of his brothers was also a little person? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Roloff news.

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  1. Matt, wow I didn’t know you had a brother is a L.P. too. Never saw him on your show. But I am not understanding this but how L.P. became into your family, if your parents are not a L.P. But I can see that Zach is the only L.P. as your child but the other three didn’t. And I can’t understand that zach has three of them as L.P. and his wife a Normal person. And Jeremy has three of Normal size children, just like Jacob’s son too. And as for Molly will she be havig kids and will they be a L.P. too. But other kids are normal size will their Kids probly will be Normal size. I am seeing the fact w Zach being a L.P. will be the only one will have a L.P. in the family. Just Like me I am the only one who has Cerebral Palsy and hard of hearing in the family. Everybody on my side of the family are not hard of hearing and no C.P. I am not sure if they are hectary. I can’t spell it. Sorry.. But I loved your show and love those grandbabies of Zach’s children. Glad they are still on social media to let us know how your grabdbabies are doing.. I have been on your farm on Halloween days it was fun.. I always have memories of the farm and met soem of your children..

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