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‘LPBW’ Amy Roloff Rips Into Matt On Season Finale

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A new preview for the LPBW (Little People, Big World) Season 23 finale has dropped and revealed that Amy Roloff rips into her ex-husband, Matt, in the episode. The season wraps up on Tuesday, July 19. Keep reading to get all of the details about the first sneak peek and find out what’s coming up in the final episode.

LPBW Season 23 has focused on the tension surrounding the future of Roloff Farms. Rather than selling the farm to one of his sons, Matt listed a portion of the property for sale.

This has caused drama within the entire family. Zach Roloff was feuding with his dad, Matt, over the ordeal. Amy has been devastated by the loss of her family’s legacy.

Now, in the LPBW Season 23 finale, Amy Roloff rips into her ex-husband, Matt.

Amy Roloff, Matt Roloff, LPBW, YouTube

LPBW Season 23 Finale: Amy Roloff Rips Into Matt

ET shared an exclusive sneak peek at the LPBW Season 23 finale, which airs on TLC on Tuesday, July 19.

In a confessional, Amy called the entire situation “sad” and questioned how it got to this point. The mom of four said, “There’s just a lot of stress. There’s a lot of sadness. There’s a lot of, like, what in the world did you do? Like, what happened? How did we get here?”

She then said to her ex-husband, “I’m still sad that one of the kids don’t have it… I think you went crazy or something. I don’t know the details of the negotiations of what you dealt with the two boys. For the price it is, the kids can’t afford that.”

Matt then argued that there was a discount for his sons, but they weren’t interested in the portions of the property he was willing to sell to them. He also stated that there are 93 acres that still belong to the family, but Amy Roloff didn’t agree with that statement.

She laid into him and said, “No, there’s 93 acres for Matt Roloff. It’s not part of the family anymore.”

LPBW Amy Roloff Youtube
LPBW Amy Roloff Youtube

Also in the preview, Amy Roloff called out her ex-husband and said, “You’re taking responsibility of not creating a legacy.”

Is Matt Roloff Worried About More Than The Cost?

The cost has been a major factor when Matt has considered selling parts of Roloff Farms to his sons. However, in this new preview, he also mentioned that he’s concerned that his sons aren’t cut out for this. He said that he thought selling the property to his sons would create more work for him to handle.

So, it sounds like Matt is looking for a buyer that is a better fit than his sons might be.

LPBW Matt Roloff - Youtube
LPBW Matt Roloff – Youtube

You can watch the preview here.

So, what do you think of Amy Roloff’s words in the season finale? Sound off in the comments section below. Don’t miss the LPBW Season 23 finale on Tuesday, July 19 on TLC and discovery+.

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  1. I hope this is the end of ‘Little People Big World’. Matt Roloff showed his true colors. Listing the marital home and adjoining property for 4 million. Can’t stand the man nor his girlfriend. All the best to Amy, Zach, Tory and their kids.

  2. Did I hear that correctly that the reason the kids would not get the farm is because they disrespected the farm as kids???

  3. well we now know that Amy had a reason to be on her husbands Ass! Selfish man, who is distroying his own Legacy!

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