Money & Greed NOT Real Reason Matt Roloff Won’t Sell To Kids?

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For a while now, Matt Roloff has been blasted by fans as a greedy and money-hungry man who put his own financial desires before his children. The current season of Little People, Big World has been exclusively about what Matt Roloff plans to do with the property after he wasn’t able to make a deal with any of his children. Both his son Zach and his son Jeremy expressed an interest and made an offer. Their offers, however, were not accepted. To date, none of the family members have clued fans in on the details surrounding how much Matt wanted and what his son’s offered. Matt, however, claimed he offered both a significant family discount.

Matt Roloff YouTube

LPBW fans believe Zach and Jeremy likely didn’t have enough money to afford what Matt wanted for the property. Some, however, suspect Matt wanted to still maintain control even though he was selling them the property and this could have also been a factor in the deals not working out. Speaking to the cameras, Matt Roloff explained that his children made it clear they didn’t really want to do the work that went into owning the property and it was a real problem for him. Some LPBW fans have admitted that both Zach and Tori Roloff are extremely lazy. So, they probably couldn’t have done the property justice.

Taking some time to think about the situation, LPBW fans don’t believe money and greed were a factor for Matt Roloff. They think something else was the real reason the deal fell through. What was it?

LPBW Matt Roloff - Zach Roloff Youtube
LPBW Matt Roloff – Zach Roloff Youtube

The real reason Matt Roloff didn’t sell?

Fans suspect Caryn “Cha-Ching” Chandler played a role in the real reason Matt Roloff didn’t sell the property to any of his children. On Reddit, one fan notes they do not believe Caryn hindered the sale because she’s a gold digger. They suspected there was another reason behind it. This fan pointed out that if Matt Roloff had sold the chunk of property to one of his children, it would have given Amy Roloff a reason to continue to hang around the property. Selling the property to a stranger has actually turned Amy off on the idea of spending any time at Roloff Farms at all. And, fans suspect that is what Caryn Chandler secretly wanted to happen all along.

LPBW - Caryn chandler - Matt Roloff Youtube
LPBW – Caryn chandler – Matt Roloff Youtube

Do you think Caryn played a bigger role than Matt allowed people to see when it came to his decision? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on LPBW.


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