Zach Roloff Says Matt Made His Bed & He Can Be Alone In It

LPBW Zach Roloff - Matt Roloff - Youtube

The Season Finale of Little People, Big World airs tonight and fans wonder if Matt and Zach Roloff will stop feuding. Sadly, all the previews popping up for the Finale suggest there isn’t a lot of love left for Matt Roloff from the rest of the family. In fact, Zach Roloff really doesn’t have any kind words for his father during the Season 23 Finale.

Warning: LPBW Season 23 Finale spoilers ahead! 

LPBW - Roloff - YouTube - TLC
LPBW – Roloff – YouTube – TLC

Zach Roloff says his father Matt “made his bed”

Talking to the cameras, Zach Roloff admitted he was a bit tickled that no one replied after Matt made the official announcement about selling some of the property to someone outside of the family. Zach made it a point to tell the camera that he and Tori were not alone in the way they were feeling. Turns out, everyone in the Roloff family was just done with Matt and the drama attached to Roloff Farms. Zach made sure to put emphasis on the fact that no one appeared to reply or even acknowledge what Matt had to say about selling the property.

Zach Roloff tells the cameras there is a small part of him that is sad. He’s sad this drama has robbed Lilah and Josiah of having the same experience he had on Roloff Farms. He hates that his children won’t be able to create the same memories of Pumpkin Season that he did. Zach, however, hopes he’ll be able to find new ways for his children to create memories.

LPBW - Roloff - YouTube - TLC
LPBW – Roloff – YouTube – TLC

Zach Roloff also makes it a point to mention that he doesn’t feel sorry for his father essentially being exiled from the family. He explained that his father made his bed. Now, he was going to have to be alone in that bed because of his own choices.

He no longer wants Roloff Farms

Coming full circle, he also made sure to clarify there was a time when he really did want to buy the property from his father. But, the time has come and gone. He doesn’t want it anymore. Toward the end of the episode, Zach Roloff excitedly tells the cameras he and Tori are moving on to the next chapter of their life with their children. And, there’s no turning back.

LPBW - Roloff - YouTube - TLC
LPBW – Roloff – YouTube – TLC

Do you think Zach Roloff has a point in saying Matt Roloff made his own bed and now he has to accept the situation he created? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more LPBW news.

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  1. Tori and Zach your spoiled rotten. Do either of you even work? Have degree? Your both losers. Your kid will do same thing to you someday. Tori you are ugly and dumb. Get off TV.

  2. i agree with Zach 100% ,and the rest of the family they all have moved on with their families to start new memories its like Matt was playing games with his kids but it all backfired, and Amy an Chris do visit alot so they all still have their mom. They say you reap what you sow and Matt is getting what he deserves . Matt sees $ signs .

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