Wendy Williams Health Update: Slurred Speech Concerns Friends

Wendy Williams Health Update: Slurred Speech Concerns Friends [Dr. Oz | YouTube]

The latest Wendy Williams health update is reportedly concerning. The original talk show has allegedly been “slurring her speech.” According to a new report, she appears confused whenever she talks to her friends. They are bothered by her behavior in light of the cancellation of her talk show.

In September 2021, Wendy took a step back from her eponymous show to focus on her health. At the time, she was recovering from a breakthrough case of COVID and Graves’ Disease. Her behavior has reportedly taken a turn in the past few months, as she’s no longer her old self.

Wendy Williams Behavior Is Reportedly Concerning [YouTube]

Friends worry about Wendy Williams

Sources close to Wendy Williams told The Sun that she’s no longer the daytime diva that she was once was. Her behavior has reportedly distressed her friends. The 57-year-old has reportedly been “slurring her speech” and appeared “confused.” One friend brought up their concerns with the tabloid.

“Wendy seemed really confused and out of it recently. She wasn’t following along, and she wasn’t making a lot of sense,” one unnamed friend told The Sun. “She was slurring and seemed unable to comprehend the thread of what we were talking about it.”

Wendy Williams Reportedly Slurring Speech [YouTube]
A second source confirmed that Wendy Williams allegedly displays concerning behavior. She will have her good days and her bad days. Despite the report, Wendy has appeared at public events and in recent interviews. She made public declarations that she will return to television.

Right now, the television personality has to focus on accessing her money from her still frozen Wells Fargo accounts. Earlier this year, Wendy Williams got involved in a legal battle with the big bank for not having access to her money. Wells Fargo claimed that Wendy needs a conservator to make that happen. That same insider told The Sun that she’s been so “hyper-focused” on this problem that she can’t make any further plans.

Namesake talk show ends after 14 years

On Friday, June 17, The Wendy Williams Show ended after 14 years. Wendy refused to make an appearance in the final episode. She didn’t appreciate how the showrunners treated her. In February, it was reported that her show was canceled in light of Sherri Shepherd’s new talk show, which will follow in its timeslot.

Fans were shocked when Sherri expressed her concerns for her predecessor. Sherri reacted to Wendy Williams’ interview with Fat Joe and asked fans to pray for her during this time. Wendy admitted that she has no plans to tune into Sherri’s new show this fall because it’s not her thing. She would much rather see her show still on the air.


Ultimately, Wendy Williams wanted to return to her purple chair. Unfortunately, that won’t happen. What are your thoughts on the reports about her behavior? Do you think there’s a cause for concern? Sound off below in the comment section.

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