Wildcard Wendy Williams Rambles On About $100M Podcast Deal? [Credit: Biography/YouTube]

Wildcard Wendy Williams Rambles On About $100M Podcast Deal?


Wildcard Wendy Williams rambled amid the news of her $100 million podcast deal. This comes after she promised her return to television. The former daytime talk show host was originally against the idea of doing a podcast.

Money talks because now Wendy is interested. She could use the money since she’s dealing with an ongoing legal battle with Wells Fargo. Wendy’s bank accounts are frozen since the bank claims she needs a power of attorney to get her finances in order. Since then, she’s embracing the idea of having her own podcast.

Wendy Williams' Own Podcast? [Credit: SiriusXM/YouTube]
[Credit: SiriusXM/YouTube]

Wendy Williams in talks about a new podcast

The podcast rumors first surfaced in February 2022. It was around the same time that The Wendy Williams Show was canceled for the sake of Sherri Shepherd’s new talk show. Per The Jasmine Brand, Wendy was currently in talks for her multi-million dollar podcast deal. She shunned the idea of a podcast even though she made her start as a radio jockey.

“Now, we know that Spotify gave Joe Rogan $100 million. Everybody knows that you heard it first right here on ‘Fox Soul,’ that I think that Wendy Williams is up to something and that’s why she’s not posting or anything,” Al Reynolds, host of Fox Soul, said told The Jasmine Brand. “I think this is a lead-up to a bigger announcement that we’re going to see coming down the pipe on her newfound home.”

Wendy Williams' Multiple Podcast Deals [Credit: Radio Andy/YouTube]
[Credit: Radio Andy/YouTube]
Multiple sources even confirmed to The Sun that Wendy William received multiple podcast offers. Spotify and iHeart Radio are fighting over the television personality. However, iHeart Radio doesn’t feel comfortable with signing on controversial personalities like Spotify is. Earlier this year, Spotify was under for keeping Joe Rogan’s podcast on their streaming platform.

Another issue with Wendy having a podcast is that the industry can’t trust her. They’re not sure if she can “deliver a daily show or weekly show.” She took a step back from her hosting duties in September 2021. Yet, her daytime talk show ended up being canceled.

Fans fear for her after a rambling new interview

Over the weekend, Wendy Williams sat down for an interview with rapper Fat Joe on Instagram live. The interview later went viral on social media. Fans are concerned for her mental health and well-being. She kept rambling during the podcast, especially when it came to her big comeback.

Joe asked Wendy why he doesn’t see her on The Wendy Williams Show. She claimed that it was because “somebody stopped me giving me my money.” This comes amid the battle for control over her bank accounts. She’s been absent from her daytime talk show for months, but because of health reasons.

Wendy Williams Rambling Interview With Fat Joe [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams doing a podcast? Did you check out her interview with Fat Joe? Do you agree that her rambling is concerning? Sound off below in the comment section.

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