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‘MAFS’ Speculation Mounts Jasmina Did Michael Dirty After Decision Day

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The MAFS Season 14 decision day aired Wednesday night and many fans were shocked by the outcome. Some of the decisions they didn’t agree with and a few they did. Now that decision day is over and everyone is waiting for the big reunion, rumors are beginning to soar that perhaps things went down after decision day. Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Potential Spoilers Ahead!

MAFS decision day brings some surprises

There were some big surprises on the MAFS decision day. Everyone already knew that Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette ended their marriage early in the process. So, it seems these two ruined a perfect season so to speak.

Four of the five couples opted to stay married on decision day. One of the biggest surprises from that is Jasmina and Michael. Even after Jasmina questioned whether or not she knows Michael well enough to stay married, they opted to say yes.

Jasmina and Michael via Youtube 1
Jasmina and Michael via Youtube 

So, the Instagram account, MAFSfan, had their spoiler wrong about Jasmina and Michael. They had reported the two did not stay married. There were a lot of fans who were very happy the spoiler was wrong. Even though there was tons of turbulence throughout their marriage, fans were rooting for Jasmina and Michael in the end. However, things may not always be how they seem.

Speculation mounts on what happened after decision day

Jasmina and Michael stayed together on decision day but are they together now? Nobody really knows for sure at this point. However, from previous reports, Jasmina had been seen with Olajuwon and Katina at the Los Angeles airport following the reunion taping. Jasmina was reportedly not with Michael and was not wearing a ring.

Now, even more speculation is surfacing. MAFSfan shared a message they had received in January regarding Michael and Jasmina. It was noted that not much thought was given to the message but now they are beginning to wonder.

The message said that things changed for Jasmina and Michael after decision day. It said that Jasmina wanted to look a certain way on television. The message continued to accuse Jasmina of being manipulative. It said she did Michael dirty. However, the source they spoke with didn’t want to reveal what actually happened. The person who sent the message noted they received the information from someone claiming to know Michael.

Remember this is all speculation at this point. Nothing is confirmed. Fans will see and know more when the reunion show begins airing on May 18.

What do you think? Is there any truth to the message? Are they divorced or still together?




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