‘MAFS’ Season 14 Reunion Spoilers: Are Jasmina & Michael Still Together?

Jasmina and Michael via YouTube

There are a few spoilers flying around the internet about couples on Season14 of MAFS. The reunion episode was filmed this past weekend in Los Angeles. While not a ton is known yet about what went down, there are some spoilers and rumors surfacing. Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Potential spoilers ahead.

MAFS Season 14 reunion filmed in Los Angeles

Fans are amazed at how little the cast of Married at First Sight Season 14 is liked. In fact, many believe them all to be the worst cast in franchise history. Last week, viewers saw one marriage fall apart well before decision day. Chris Collette created his own decision day and said he was done with Alyssa Ellman. He told Alyssa and Pastor Cal he wanted a divorce.

Instagram account MAFSfan is great at sharing spoilers and details with fans when they become known. In fact, it was this account that dished on the reunion episode filming in Los Angeles over the weekend. So, what is known about the reunion?



It seems a fan happened to snag a photo of Katina and Olajuwon along with Jasmina at the airport. They were catching a flight back to Boston from Los Angeles following the reunion special taping. The fan shared that Katina and Olajuwon appeared very much together. However, Jasmina was not with Michael and was not wearing a ring.

Plus, it was also noted that Alyssa was at the reunion episode. Many wonder what she will say now that some time has passed.

Predictions for Season 14

There are many rumors flying around about who stayed together and who divorced. As for Jasmina and Michael, it doesn’t look good for them. Plus, fans were split on who was right and wrong during their arguments. Some took her side while others took Michael’s side. It’s hard to say how things will end between them. However, if the photo snagged at the airport is any indication then they are not together.

There is not much known about the current status of the other couples just assumptions at this point. MAFSfan says it appears Lindsey and Mark chose to stay together on decision day. However, there are unconfirmed reports they are not together currently.

The same seems true for Steve and Noi. They reportedly chose to stay married on decision day. But, if rumors are true they couldn’t make it work and today are not together. They were one of the couples who many felt had the best chance of making it last.

What do you think about these couples? Do you think Jasmina and Michael are really over?

Stay tuned for more MAFS updates.

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  1. I don’t know why I keep watching this show. Thank goodness for fast forward! For goodness sakes, where do the “experts” find some of these people! And why do the women (Noi, Lindsay and Jasmina) seem so much more damaged than the men. Noi can barely communicate her feelings unless it’s passive aggressively through social media and has not compassion for how Steve is feeling. She smirks and shrugs. It seems like fear but jeezzzzz! I hope she doesn’t kill Steve’s free-spirited nature with her issues. Why did they match these two up. Lindsey…girl! The guy just wants a little bit of breathing room. But it seems like your way of feeling validated it to move towards something and pounce or tease and then when the recipient feels that it’s too much, they respond and you take it personally. Mark needs to communicate this better with you instead of joking and saying “I’m not candy, stop licking me.” But the vicious cycle starts. And you publicly express your feeling by putting him down. You have such a big heart and lots to offer but you don’t have to chase after it, capture it and smother it. And Jasmina!!!! For gosh sakes, you want Michael to be vulnerable, be vulnerable…on and on but what are you offering to him to make him feel safe in that space. What have you shared?! You won’t even be intimate with him (I’m just talking about holding hands, etc.) I wouldn’t be open with a cold fish. You seemed so proud that you let him decide if he was okay with the Medium. What more do you so desperately need to know about him. He told you about the deaths. I’d think an outline of important stuff would be enough – your bottom line deal breakers. You should see that he’s probably the way he is because of so much loss. You are very good at making him feel like he’s the problem. It seems like you’re afraid of more than he is but you have a masterful way of hiding that. Lighten up. But you get kind of a pass because you seem to be a responsible and caring pet owner. But “experts” what’s the deal!!! This show is starting to feel like pure entertainment at the expense of people’s feelings. Not good!

    1. Oh my goodness YES to almost all of the above!!! The only thing I can agree to disagree with is that Jasmina does not get a free pass. I’m sorry but treating her dog better than her man isn’t enough or okay. She’s terrified and won’t go all in though wants Michael to dive in head first. And those other couples. Just bye already with the drama and pain they are causing each other. These so-called “experts”?? My last wasted season of programming right there.

      1. Agreed!!! She does not get a pass on the way she treats Michael!!! And I forgot to mention the one who got divorced while she was walking down the aisle! The one who proclaimed to be such a good person every second.

    2. Yessss yessss yessss to all of the above comments. You broke them down so eloquently. Seems these little girl women have a lot of growing up to do. These guys are too good for them.

      However, Olajuwon doesn’t deserve anybody. He wants a momma not a partner. I’m just saying.

  2. I agree. The professionals do not delve into the contestants personalities enough. They all seem so damaged. Especially that time they had that black fellow Chris. He was completely crazy thinking he was the best thing out there because he had a few bucks.

  3. It is like a very slow train wreck. I watch and am embarrassed for them. I have no words.

  4. Katina deserves better than Olajueon. He always has a complaint about her. Katina seems kind and reserved. I think in the long run she will have a miserable life with him. No one will ever be good enough because the perfect Stepford wife doesn’t exist. He wants Betty Crocker!

    1. I totally agree! Katina is going to get tired of trying to live up to O’s expectations. However, I cannot recall hearing from Katina what her expectations are in a husband. We were only able to hear what he expected of her and how he wanted her to be as a wife. I don’t see this working out long because she doesn’t just want to be a wife and mother. She wants a career too.

  5. I think we need to keep in mind that the experts match what people put on paper. Some of the things about the contestants only come out once they have been chosen to be married. The experts are not perfect. Also, let’s keep in mind that some of the couples go on the show to be “PERFECTLY” matched with someone who they will not have problems with which is not a marriage. I have been married for 29 years this July and I can tell you that no two days are the same, but I have a wonderful marriage (up and down days included). I couldn’t see myself with anyone else but my husband. A number of individuals hide a lot about themselves prior to them being selected. Then, when the curtain goes up and they are on the show, we start finding out things about them. Many people look good on paper together, but there are things that can’t possibly be known until you start living with someone (even after dating). My husband and I did not live together until we got married. We learned a lot along the way and I’m thankful for the learning process.

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