‘MAFS’ Couples Who Never Had A Chance

Married at First Sight

There have been some great couples to emerge from the MAFS franchise. Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner are just one of the many couples who have gone on to have successful marriages. While some were great, there have also been some bad ones. Some of the arranged marriages were doomed from the start. Keep reading to find out who some of these couples were.

MAFS couples doomed from the start

ScreenRant shared some of the Married at First Sight couples who never really stood a chance. As Decision Day is set to air tonight for Season 14, let’s look at a few of these couples who couldn’t make it work.

Throughout the 14 seasons of the show, many fans have thought that some of the participants were using the show to gain fame. Therefore, some believe a few of the cast members were not really interested in forming a lasting marriage.

One couple who fans could divorce coming from a mile away was Paige Banks and Chris Williams. Their marriage was not good. In fact, it was almost definitely doomed from the start when Chris said he didn’t find Paige attractive.

Fans grew to despise Chris. He has become one of the most hated men on the show. Their Season 12 marriage was put more to the test when Chris announced his ex-fiance was pregnant. This created a whole new level of turbulence for the newlyweds. Plus, everyone thought Chris treated Paige poorly. In the end, Paige decided to leave.

MAFS Chris Williams Paige Lifetime
Married at First Sight | Lifetime

Another couple seemingly doomed from their wedding day is Ashley Doherty And David Norton. This Season 3 couple had issues immediately when Ashley admitted there was not really any attraction to David. Then, there were accusations that David cheated on her while the show was filming. Needless to say, they did not last and opted to get divorced.

MAFS David and Ashley Season 3 via YouTube

Finally, Alyssa Ellman And Chris Collette from the current Season 14 had zero chance of a successful marriage. In fact, they were so mismatched that Chris ultimately ended their marriage weeks before Decision Day. Let’s look deeper into their failed marriage.

Alyssa and Chris

Fans have basically deemed Alyssa as the worst bride on MAFS. She immediately noted there was no attraction to her new husband Chris. Then, she even refused to spend their wedding night in the same room.

Their honeymoon was just as disastrous. Chris had no idea what he was doing wrong. Anything he said led to an argument with Alyssa and she flat out refused to give him a chance.

Chris and Alyssa via YouTube
Chris and Alyssa via YouTube

She also refused to live with him. Alyssa felt she and Chris should rotate time spent in their shared apartment so she could experience it all and be around her new friends. Not once did she say she wanted to be around her new husband.

After meeting with Pastor Cal, Chris said he was done and ended their marriage.

What do you think will happen tonight on MAFS? Will any of the couples opt to remain married?

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