‘MAFS’ Fans Believe Alyssa Avoided A Lawsuit

Alyssa MAFS via YouTube

MAFS Season 14 fans have not been fans of Alyssa Ellman since day one. She didn’t even give her new husband Chris Collette a chance. Chris decided to call it quits and divorce Alyssa well before decision day. Even though she’s off the show, fans still do not like her and still talk about her. Now, fans are saying they believe she may have barely avoided a lawsuit.

Why fans believe MAFS Alyssa avoided a lawsuit

ScreenRant shared what fans are saying about Alyssa Ellman and why many think the MAFS wife avoided a lawsuit. There are fans who think Alyssa may not have fulfilled her legal obligations while filming Married at First Sight.

There are many fans who believe that Alyssa is the worst wife in MAFS history. She had no desire to see where things could go with Chris. So, fans think her disinterest in the experiment could have led to a huge lawsuit.

Many also wondered if Alyssa failed to fulfill her filming obligations, especially since filming her marriage to Chris was cut short.  Plus some fans also think she broke her contract by unwilling to even give things a try with Chris.

Husbands and wives are expected to film for a certain number of weeks. Plus they are also supposed to at least try to make their arranged marriages work.

Alyssa Ellman via YouTube 5
Alyssa Ellman via YouTube 5

Some believe she fulfilled her obligations

Many argued she did not fulfill her obligations, however, some fans believe that Alyssa did fulfill her obligations. One fan noted that the MAFS producers cannot force anyone to remain married. Another fan said, “You can’t legally force people to cohabitate. Kinetic Content would be open to many lawsuits.”

There were also fans who argued that Alyssa and Chris did film as much as they needed to in order to avoid a lawsuit. One fan said, “They didn’t refuse to film they just don’t want to be together.” Others believe the producers shouldn’t be unhappy because Alyssa gave them all the drama they needed.

Chris Collette via YouTube 2
Chris Collette via YouTube 2

Right now, it doesn’t appear any legal action was ever taken against Alyssa so fans believe she barely avoided a lawsuit.  Most believe that while she may have barely fulfilled her obligations, she did at least film enough to keep herself out of legal trouble.

So, while things didn’t work out for Chris and Alyssa many feel she avoided what could have been a huge fine.

Chris and Alyssa are no longer on Season 14 but their names live on and she remains known as the villain of the season.

Will any of the other couples on Married at First Sight stay together or will they see an end to their marriage like Chris and Alyssa?

Do you think Alyssa avoided a lawsuit?


Jamie Colclasure


  1. Alyssa should be ashamed of herself it we kind of knew what kind of person she was when she purchased all those wedding dresses for her vain appearance! Chris was an exceptional guy and did not deserve the treatment he received from her!

  2. Alyssa would still be married if Chris looked more like the young Tom Cruise but had the brain of a roasted in the shell peanut. I pity the dogs she ‘rescues’ if she doesn’t like them. She is a self-absorbed, vain, pity party and I should slap myself for giving her one ounce of attention.

  3. ALYSSA, you are not a woman who deserves any respect on Season 14 of Married at First Sight. I have been a Fan from the onset of the show, and now since you made your hateful apearance on this season….You have ruined it for me!!!! Shame on you, I will never watch another season because you are a poison and you did not earn a place to be considered other than a villan and scammer!!!

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