Is Chris Williams On ‘MAFS’ Abusive Toward Paige?

Chris Williams

Chris Williams exhibits a lot of rather shocking behavior toward his new wife Paige, so fans fear he’s abusive. Lifetime fans also saw how aggressive he became with the rest of the cast on their honeymoon trip. In fact, he caused a big fight in the previous Married at First Sight episode. And, that ended up with Page apologizing for her husband. However, fans also noticed that he does a lot of other things that suggest he might be an abusive personality.

 Chris Williams seems abusive with Paige, fans think

Fans took a dislike to Chris from the first time they saw him on Married at First Sight. And each week brings more anger and emotional responses from fans of the Lifetime show. The honeymoon trip made some people actually fearful for Paige. Recall, he threw a massive tantrum and picked a fight with other cast members. Angry because they commented on his baby with his ex, he told them he’d “make life a living hell on this freaking bus.” And yes, Chris Williams ruined what should have been a special time for everyone, including Paige.

Screenrant reminds readers of his other alarming behavior. Chris Williams made love to Piage and then told her he didn’t find her attractive. But then, when she showed signs of not sticking with things, he changed his tune. He thinks he found a “spiritual” relationship with her. Chris also nearly ruined her wedding day reception by going on about his marvelous ex. Then, topping it off, he told her he expects a baby. And he still loves his ex. Constantly, he insults Paige, and the next thing, he reassures her. Fans see a pattern of abusive behavior emerging.

Fans worry about Paige

When the tantrum happened, Chris Williams insisted that Paige leave with him. The other women, clearly concerned about her, extended advice. But he insisted she stayed away from them. On Twitter, one fan worried about Paige. They noted, “Chris is showing signs of abuse. I hope Paige doesn’t stay with him.” But more people also spoke up about that. During the latest episode, a MAFS fan wrote, “I think Paige is scared of Chris.” Then another one wrote, “Chris is controlling, verbally and emotionally abusive. Paige… RUN!”

But the fact that MAFS Chris Williams seems to isolate her from the support of the other cast seems rather worrying. Break The Cycle Org notes, “Non-physical behaviors such as insults, manipulation, humiliation, intimidation and more constitute emotional abuse. Additionally, they noted, “one of the biggest red flags of dating abuse is when someone isolates their dating partner from their friends and family.”

Of course, if Chris Williams is really abusive, then isolating Paige makes her totally dependent on him. Often, victims stay because they lose touch with those who care for them. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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