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‘MAFS’ Jasmina Questions Really Knowing Michael On Decision Day

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MAFS decision day is finally happening for Season 14. Fans will finally know which couples want to stay together and which will opt for divorce. One couple who has had a really rough marriage so far is Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency. Now, the two have to decide what to do. Will they stay married or get divorced?

MAFS Jasmina and Michael must make a decision

People shared a sneak peek of what fans will see on the first part of the MAFS decision day. One of the first things to note is that Jasmina admitted that she didn’t think she and Michael were going to make it as far as they had. She didn’t see herself ending up with him.

While she admits they have come a long way, she said she just doesn’t know. Jasmina said, “I didn’t think that, in the last month of our marriage, I would even want to be around you. But, at the end of the day, I feel like there’s just so much — I feel like — I don’t know you enough.”

MAFS Jasmina via YouTube

The experts of course weigh in on what they think. They pointed out that sometimes couples get caught up in thinking they have to either be friends or be romantic. However, Pastor Cal said this isn’t true. Every expert there said their spouse is their friend. Pastor Cal went so far as to say his wife is his best friend.

Pastor Cal went on to say, “I want you to know that the ‘friend’ [and] ‘romantic person’ is not exclusive. Sometimes, people can get stuck into one of those places and say ‘This is who we are. This is where we are.'”

Jasmina and Michael via YouTube
Jasmina and Michael via YouTube

Jasmina and Michael’s relationship

This couple has had a rough time. They have had disagreements about each other’s lifestyles. One big part of that was Michael having female roommates.

While they have struggled a big part of the season, they have made small efforts. One of those efforts was rewriting their wedding vows. They decided to do this since they knew each other’s personalities more after having been married a few months.

What will they decide to do? If you can’t wait to find out click here.

Married at First Sight airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. Part 1 of the show’s reunion, hosted by Kevin Frazier, will air Wednesday, May 18, also at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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