‘American Idol’ Fans Appalled Christian Guradino Voted Off For 2 Blondes?

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American Idol fans are appalled that Christian Guardino has been voted off for the sake of two blondes. They took to social media to remind fellow fans that the show is about talent, not popularity. While most are happy with the results of the Top 5 round, others are disappointed. Some of the decisions during Season 20 have elicited a strong reaction from fans.

American Idol Christian Guardino Eliminated [Credit: American Idol/YouTube]
[Credit: American Idol/YouTube]

Christian Guardino became a fan-favorite

American Idol contestant Christian Guardino quickly became a fan favorite. His story inspired others that they can overcome challenges and do big things in their lives. He never let anything get him down. Guardino joined Season 20 of American Idol when he auditioned with his rendition of “A Song For You” by Donny Hathaway.

His mom joined him when he got the news that he was going to Hollywood. All four judges have been supporting Guardino throughout his American Idol journey. He went on to perform hit songs by the likes of Billie Eilish, John Legend, and Silk Sonic. Even though his performances have struck a chord with viewers, it’s his personal story that has touched him.

American Idol Christian Guardino [Credit: American Idol/YouTube]
[Credit: American Idol/YouTube]
Guardino was legally blind for many years. Though his eyesight has worsened, it hasn’t stopped him from singing. He wanted to make his dreams come true. When he was a teenager, he underwent gene therapy so he could restore his vision. The treatment was successful and allowed him to perform.

Some American Idol fans recognized Guardino from America’s Got Talent Season 12. He was just a teenager at the time. Judge Howie Mandel pressed the Golden Buzzer, which immediately sent him to the live shows. Guardino was axed during the semi-finals.

Sadly, Guardino’s time on American Idol came to an end. During Sunday night’s show, he covered Justin Bieber’s “Lonely” and Smokie Norful’s “Dear God,” which he dedicated to his mom. The judges loved both performances, but the audience didn’t feel the same way. Guardino was evicted from the competition.

American Idol fans appalled over Top 5 round

Some American Idol fans were appalled over the results of the Top 5 round. They think that Guardino had a fighting chance. Several of them took to Twitter to share their thoughts about Guardino’s elimination. They feel the show has become a popularity contest.

  • “Not watching next week. Christian had the best vocals by far!!!! Very very very upset!!!!!”
  • “#AmericanIdol Christian was the best singer I’m out no more Idol for me this show is a joke!!!!!!!”
  • “America voted out Christian? Logic has been going out the window for the last few years people!”

American Idol fans think the show is all about looks and popularity these days, which explains Guardino’s elimination. It’s no longer about having the best story. It’s about having the best looks and more fanfare.

One fan wrote, “Christian was robbed for two mediocre blondes,” while another added, “American Idol seems to have a love for skinny, blonde, white girl country singers.”

What are your thoughts on Christian Guardino’s elimination? Do you think the show is all about looks these days? Or, do you think it’s about talent? Sound off below in the comment section.

American Idol Season 20 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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  1. I agree with many.The show has become a
    Popularity contest not a talent contest.
    Christian should have stayed on.
    Bye bye AI.

    1. I’m so glad that he’s been gone. The Voice did a good job kicking him out a while ago. Where’s my neck. I’ve been waiting for him to be out a long time ago. Hahahahhahahahahhahahahahaha

    2. I also agree. Christians vocals sky rocketed everybody else’s. I stopped watching it as soon as he didn’t go through. It was ridiculous

  2. How did Fritz get voted to go on but Christian Guardino did not ???
    There is no comparison in their voices. Christian’s voice is beautiful, powerful and has a great range. Fritz sings like my little brother. He can barely carry a tune and there is nothing special about any of his singing. I think Jay and Christian were robbed. At this stage, I hope Nicolina wins because she has a fantastic voice. I do think at times it’s a popularity contest. People judge by looks and not talent. It’s a shame! I do think Christian will make it because he is such a fantastic singer. Michael Bublé wants to sing with him. My prayers go out to him for his success and I think he will make it. I think about Jennifer Hudson who didn’t win American Idol but was a runner up and look how successful she is. When you have that much talent it cannot go on noticed. I have great hopes for him and Jay.

  3. Done with American Idol after voting off talented Jay And Christian by far and done with all of the fakeness.

  4. I am guilty of judging Christian in the beginning on his looks. Well he blew me away with his voice. I was sure he would win it all. Disappointed on Sundays outcome and my initial judgment of Christian.

  5. Christian is one the best singers on the show…..I mean really do I really have to explain myself ask the judges too. Tears of joy when he sings, ask Katie Perry. Such a gifted person to have such a voice…I hope he climbs to fame like Adam Lampert that didn’t win either…

  6. Can’t believe Christian didn’t go on to win the whole thing !!!!! His voice is just incredible & I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear of him, he’s tooo talented, I hope he stays strong and pursues his God Given talent, God has blessed him ❤️

  7. Opening voting before the contestants even sing just shows it a popularity contest. And why 10 votes per contestant…. So they can pad their numbers. West coast doesn’t even have a chance to be involved. Go back to the format where voting takes place AFTER the contestants sing, and 1 per device… Period! Announce the winner(s) on the next show.

  8. Christian was robbed but all 7 performed well this week. And who are the skinny blondes referred to in the article? Both Huntergirl and Leah are a little overweight themselves, and neither have stunning looks, so I don’t get that comment. I like them both but I had finally made my decision after his second song that I wanted Christian to win it all. It’s a travesty.

  9. I agree Christian should have been in the top 5 he has a great voice,,,,Fritz is a fake and a fraud. he has as much talent as a 10 year old boy,,,,,,it is a popularity contest and i am very dissapointed.

  10. I was soooooooo upset that Christian and Jay were eliminated, two of my favorite contestants from the start. I agree with the person that said how did fritz win over them 2. Ugh if only I didn’t have to watch on Hulu I would have definitely been voting for every way possible for them. It’s ok though because they WILL make it in the music industry and I will be buying their music. I hope Nicolina wins but we all know it will probably be one of the country singers. I think we have had enough county winners in American idol history. I’m just in shock.

  11. I am beyond appalled about Christian Guardino being kicked off American Idol! How could Noah, who is moving on because of his looks only & not his voice be voted into the top 5? He sings well, but, not well enough to be even in the top 10. There is not one voice that comes anywhere close to the talent & has the heart for spreading kindness & love in this world as much as Christian Guardino was so successful in doing. I think a wild card ought to be used to put him back in the contest to give him the well deserved opportunity to win this competition. Please, when voting for this competition, remember this is for a talent contest and not a popularity contest! I honestly think that professionals ought to be judging this contest instead of America because so much talent is being thrown away!

  12. Very disappointed that Christian is off the show. He is the very best. As for looks, I think he is beyond adorable!!! He is a cutie pie. His goodness absolutely shines. I think the show may be fixed. To let talent like that leave is a travesty. I will now vote for Nicolina. She and Christian are the two very best. No one comes close to them. Christian has a brilliant career ahead of him.If Fritz wins, I’m done with American Idol.

  13. American idol is a joke they let America pick and you see what happens the 2 best singers were let go judges should pick the winner it is definitely a popularity contest a real joke I will not watch again!!!!!!!

  14. I am very disappointed that Christian Guardino was voted off American Idol. I remembered him from A G T when he was 16 and loved him! He has a great voice and is a true inspiration as a hum an being!

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