American Idol Fans Use Hate To Describe Season 20 [Credit: American Idol/YouTube]

‘American Idol’ Fans Use The Word ‘Hate’ To Describe Season 20

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American Idol fans are using one word to describe Season 20. They used a strong word, which is “hate.” As TV Shows Ace previously reported, this season has gotten its share of criticism. Fans watched their favorites leave the show, as they scratch their heads over the ones who are still around. Find out why they’re being so hypocritical this season.

American Idol fans “hate” Season 20

Some American Idol fans are not happy with the way this season has played out. For example, they don’t like the twist of adding Platinum Tickets in the auditions. This allows contestants to immediately go to Hollywood. It also advances them ahead of their peers.

Judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan have been given out the tickets in each of the towns. They only had three Platinum Tickets to go around, and they chose Kenedi Anderson, HunterGirl (Hunter Wolkonowski), and Jay Copeland.

TV Shows Ace previously talked about Anderson, who was a frontrunner on the show. She quickly became a fan favorite. Unfortunately, she left the show for brighter pastures, so that means there are only two Platinum Ticket contestants this season.

Jay Copeland On American Idol [Credit: American Idol/YouTube]
[Credit: American Idol/YouTube]

Platinum Tickets aren’t worth it?

American Idol fans don’t think the two others are as talented. They feel like others were worthier in getting such a ticket. Most of the outspoken fans have taken to Reddit to write a list of grievances. They shared their “unpopular” opinions about American Idol Season 20.

Most of the talk was about Copeland and HunterGirl, and whether they deserve the Platinum Tickets. The original post wrote, “HunterGirl does nothing for me.” Other fans took to the thread to share their input on this season:

  • “Jay and HunterGirl are not platinum ticket artists and they’ve gotten progressively less compelling as the season has gone one.”
  • “I feel like they’re keeping Jay around because of the platinum ticket but he’s not that good.”
  • “HunterGirl is a stupid f***ing ‘name,’ and she is boring.”

The problem lies with the Platinum Tickets. This twist threw American Idol fans for a loop. Also, there wasn’t enough to go around. According to the fans, they should’ve used them wisely.

American Idol HunterGirl's Audition [Credit: American Idol/YouTube]
[Credit: American Idol/YouTube]

Does Luke Bryan agree with fans?

American Idol judge Luke Bryan sounded off on the Platinum Ticket controversy. He agrees that there should have been more to go around. In his interview with, he talked about the show’s twist and shared his opinion. While Bryan loves the new addition to the show, he critiqued one of the Platinum Ticket contestants.

“I think the Platinum Ticket has been a fun dynamic to the show,” he admitted. “I think it was a great addition to the show. When you look at Jay, some of Jay’s song choices and his performances did fall off. But tonight, in my opinion, he had the best performance of the night.”

Luke Bryan On Platinum Tickets [Credit: American Idol/YouTube]
[Credit: American Idol/YouTube]
American Idol fans have been very outspoken about Season 20. They called out the celebrity judges for praising Dan Marshall’s “out of tune” performance on Sunday, April 24. Other fans think their favorites from this season should be given another chance. What are your thoughts on this season? Sound off below in the comment section.

American Idol Season 20 airs Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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