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Paedon Brown’s Latest Chaotic Rant Gets Compared To Dad Kody

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Many of Kody Brown’s children don’t think all that highly of them. He and his son, Paedon Brown, may not be the best of friends, but there are definitely some similarities between father and son.

And that’s exactly why many Sister Wives viewers think Paedon bears a striking resemblance to Kody in one of his videos. Keep reading to see exactly what fans online are saying.

Reddit users definitely aren’t big Paedon Brown fans

Now that Paedon Brown is an adult, he happily shares his views online with audience members. One Reddit user shared their thoughts on that.

“Paedon is live on tiktok right now. I cannot stand him lol. He is a spitting image of his father,” the original poster said.

“I don’t care for his TikToks. He is too intense and loud and obnoxious and opinionated. … He is not chill like his brothers,” added another user. Many other Reddit users seemed to share these sentiments.

“He has his mom’s energy with his dad’s personality. He’s unbearable,” someone else chimed in.

Overall, Reddit users really seemed to think that Paedon was just too much like Kody — one of the least popular Sister Wives cast members. Viewers seem to really love Christine, but her only son just isn’t as popular.

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Do you agree with Reddit here? Is Paedon Brown too much like his father for comfort, or would you consider yourself a Paedon fan? Either way, leave your opinions in the comments. We’d love to hear what you think.

Kody and Christine’s son has a history of controversial behavior

Paedon Brown definitely isn’t going to shy away from speaking his mind. As we previously noted, he says he isn’t under any contracts with TLC that will prevent him from speaking out.

However, his mother Christine did forbid him from talking about Meri Brown in interviews. So don’t expect that subject to come up any time soon in Paedon’s TikToks.

But being loud and open isn’t the only thing that fans are concerned about. In a recent article, we wrote about how fans believe Paedon was actually drinking in his car on a recent TikTok. He adamantly claimed he wasn’t drinking while driving and the car wasn’t in motion. But still, it was enough to make fans suspicious. And we can’t really be certain what happened after Paedon stopped filming.

So what do you think of the situation? Be sure to follow us online and leave your thoughts in the comments. We’re going to be here to let you know what Paedon Brown will do next. There’s really no telling what the TLC star will do on his TikTok stream.

Keep checking back with us for the latest information! We’ll be here to keep you informed.

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  1. From the first time I saw him in 2010, when Sister Wives previewed, he was cute! Now, he is a grown man and I hate seeing all the negativity surrounding him. I admired him not going to Salt Lake City, Utah for the rally when he was 18. He stuck to his guns. He’s trying to find himself. I’m hoping for the best.

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