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Who Barred Paedon Brown From Speaking Of Meri?

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Sister Wives fans know that Meri Brown has been pretty quiet since the last season ended. But is the topic of Meri off-limits to other family members too? Screenrant notes that Paedon Brown refuses to talk about his father’s wife — but why?

Did someone in the Brown family actually forbid Paedon from dishing on Meri’s life? Keep reading to see what we know.

Paedon Brown will not speak about his father’s first wife in interviews

Paedon Brown generally doesn’t shy away from family drama. In fact, he’s usually the one spilling dirt on family members in interviews. That’s why Screenrant notes that it’s odd that Paedon won’t talk about Meri Brown in interviews.

The 23-year-old recently appeared on the Surviving Sister Wives podcast, but he wouldn’t answer certain questions about Kody and Meri Brown. Did someone in the family ask him to keep his mouth shut?

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In a nutshell, the answer is yes. Apparently, Paedon’s mother Christine told him that he flat out wasn’t allowed to speak about Meri in interviews.

Paedon notoriously doesn’t get along with Meri’s daughter Mariah and it seems like his relationship with Meri is disintegrating too. Is he really the Brown family’s “villain” as the internet claims him to be?

Meri Brown/Instagram

All things considered, do you think that Christine did the right thing here? Or should she allow Paedon to talk about the family as he sees fit? Be sure to let us know what you’re thinking in the comments.

Christine’s son loves to dish on the family’s guarded secrets

As stated above, Paedon Brown typically doesn’t shy away from family-related drama. In fact, he even recently dished on Christine and Kody’s divorce. Without a doubt, that was probably something that the Brown family wanted to keep private.

During this particular interview, Paedon confessed that he really doesn’t have much of a relationship with Robyn either. However, he didn’t really think that Robyn was the reason that his mother chose to leave the Brown family. Paedon admitted that his parents already had a lot of problems — it was really just a matter of time before someone took action.

Being a television family is never easy — the world watches your every move. However, Paedon Brown doesn’t really regret his family’s choice to do Sister Wives.

So what can we expect next from Paedon Brown? He joked on TikTok that he might be interested in joining OnlyFans somewhere down the line. Do you think he will actually go for it? Be sure to let us know what you think will happen.

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