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Paedon Brown Has NO Contract, Will Say Whatever He Wants

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Paedon Brown has been running his mouth and spilling family tea up and down social media platforms for weeks. Christine and Kody Brown’s son kicked off his serious tea spillage just after Season 16 concluded. The young man participated in several interviews and did an hour-long podcast talking about his family.

During each of these appearances, he made it clear he wouldn’t dive too deep into his relationship with his father. All listeners needed to know was that he did still have an active relationship with his father. Paedon clarified their relationship was as good as could be expected with him not living in Flagstaff and having no desire to visit there.

Paedon and Kody Brown - YouTube
Paedon and Kody Brown – YouTube

While some Sister Wives fans have grown tired of Paedon running his mouth and are ready for him to take a break from the tea spillage, others remain here for it. Fans that continue to listen to what Christine and Kody’s son have to say, however, do have some concerns. Namely, they worry he’s violating some sort of contract and could get himself in trouble with TLC.

Paedon Brown says he’s not under contract

Christine and Kody Brown’s son reassured his followers via Instagram live that he is not under any contract. He insists he never signed anything and there’s no paperwork anywhere dictating what he is and isn’t allowed to say.

Paedon Brown explains that he makes decisions on which questions he wants and doesn’t want to answer based on how he feels and if he’s comfortable talking about it. Furthermore, he does have a list of topics he’s not allowed to discuss per his mother Christine. Out of a combination of respect and fear, Paedon avoids any topics she has told him he can’t discuss. Paedon jested that his mother is a bit scary and he’d rather not cross her.

Sister Wives Paedon Brown - Christine Brown - Instagram
Sister Wives Paedon Brown – Christine Brown – Instagram

He loves his mother though

Paedon Brown, however, is very close to his mother. So much so, that he applied for a job away from his home so he could move and be closer to his mother. Fans suspect this means he’ll get to see Mykelti and Avalon more often as well. As we previously reported, fans don’t really expect Paedon to sit down and hang out with Tony Padron any time soon. Turns out, they don’t get along too well. Paedon Brown clarifies he doesn’t really have an issue with the guy. They just don’t click.

Paedon Brown - Tony Padron Sister Wives Youtube
Paedon Brown – Tony Padron Sister Wives Youtube

Are you surprised to learn Kody Brown’s older children have not had to sign a contract? Do you think that is true of all of them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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