Paedon Brown Day Drinking In Parking Lot Leaves Fans With Questions

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Paedon Brown has done and said some questionable things. Recently, he did something while filming a TikTok that raised eyebrows. Is he living a more dangerous life or is he just playing with fans?

Paedon Brown Tells Too Much

When Paedon started opening up about his life, he did not hold back at all. He was very verbal about his father Kody’s relationship with his fourth wife, Robyn. Paedon also mocked the situation about Robyn’s nanny and his mother, Christine’s reaction to it. This helped him to amass a large following on his TikTok, which he is still hoping to get verified. Fans like learning tidbits and information about his time on Sister Wives and what it was like growing up Brown. He also is very open to answering fan questions and rarely holds back, even on podcasts.

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Paedon did not hold back about his father’s hypocrisy when it came to Covid. He shared that Kody has yet to get vaccinated despite having extremely strict pandemic protocols that divided the family. Kody also had the virus at some point as did some of his kids. Paedon was also candid about not being able to speak about his father’s first wife, Meri. He also has talked about the divide between him and his sisters Mariah and Gwendlyn. Now he has done something during a TikTok that has raised more eyebrows but was it just for fun?

What Was He Thinking?

In a recent video, Paedon Brown was filming and driving with an open can. According to Screen Rant, it looked like he was drinking behind the wheel. Fans were shocked that he would do something so reckless yet he claims it was just root beer. Furthermore, he maintained he was trying to help a local brewery near him. He just wanted to promote them and was definitely not drinking behind the wheel by any means. Yet with his controversial rants and ways, it is easy to see why fans would be quick to think he might be lying. A warning label was actually put on his video by TikTok just in case viewers saw this and were unsure.


In the video, Paedon and a friend cheers the brewing company and talk about how great it is. He claims it is the first time he has ever had it and though he seems genuine, he also appears to be acting silly. Whether or not he was inebriated while drinking the non-alcoholic beverage is to be seen. For now, and will have to take him at his word. The video can be viewed here and decisions can be made freely.


Do you think Paedon was really drinking root beer? Let us know.

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