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Mike Johnson’s Shocking Career Ambition & Fave Podcast Guests

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Fans might not know this, but Mike Johnson of The Bachelorette is an intimacy therapist. He’s certified and has a TED Talk coming out about the topic of mental health and intimacy health and how they relate. Mike Johnson pursued Hannah Brown on her season of the show.

When he didn’t make it to the end, many fans wanted him to be the next lead. While he did make an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise, the lead went to someone else. While he had great fun on the beach, he didn’t make a love connection. He’s enjoying his time with a new book and a popular podcast.

Mike talked about his TED Talk and some of his favorite guests on his podcast with Bachelor Nation.

Mike Johnson’s TED Talk Is Something He’s Proud Of

Mike Johnson told Bachelor Nation his TED Talk happened at Emory and while it isn’t coming out until summer, it’s a very important topic for him. He thought he’d be proactive and get certified because while it’s a subject he knows a lot about, he thought he might get hate for talking about it.

He did the certification and the book to back up what he’s talking about because it is something he’s so passionate about. Mike was asked to think of a favorite memory from his time since being on the show. He said at a Post Malone concert in Dallas a man came up and was crying when he met him.

Mike Johnson, YouTube
Mike Johnson, YouTube

He found out from the man and his wife that she’d been going through chemo and watching him on The Bachelorette. They told him watching him be himself reminded her “to find the good things.” He said that helped him see people are paying attention.

Who Does He Want To Host On His Podcast?

When asked if he had favorite guests so far on Talking it Out, he said he had. His favorite was Justin Sylvester. The host of the Daily Pop made an impression on Mike Johnson. He said he was “just really transparent, extremely vulnerable, and does it all in such a funny way that’s relatable.”

Mike Johnson, YouTube
Mike Johnson, YouTube

For people he’d love to have on the show he named two Bachelor alumni, Rachel Lindsay and Cassie Randolph. The podcast has already had so many great people from the franchise on. He also said he’d love to have his favorite comedian Ali Wong on the show. He joked he was picking people that were in the realm of possibility for the podcast.

Mike Johnson recently made a big move, read all about it here. Read more about what could possibly happen on this season’s Bachelor in Paradise here.

What do you think about Mike’s certification? Are you surprised he’s an intimacy coach? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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