What Convinced Mike Johnson To Move To Mexico?

There are a lot of fans of The Bachelorette who really love Mike Johnson. There are others who don’t. He doesn’t sweat it, as he thrives on living his best life with a book, podcasts, and a TED Talk. Johnson talked to Bachelor Nation about why he moved to Mexico and what is going on in his dating world.

Mike Johnson and Peter Weber, YouTube
Mike Johnson and Peter Weber, YouTube

Mike shared the best piece of dating advice he ever received. He said someone told him, “The person that you decide to marry will be 90% of your happiness or misery. Also, it’s important to always be extremely honest with your partner and yourself.”

Mike Johnson, YouTube
Mike Johnson, YouTube

Why Did Mike Johnson Decide To Make The Move To Mexico?

Mike Johnson told Bachelor Nation he’s been blessed to travel all over. Another Bachelorette alum, Connor Saeli, and he were living together and their lease ran out. He had another lease starting in Texas, but it was a month out.

He said since he’d always wanted to learn to speak Spanish. Since he isn’t in a relationship at the moment, he felt he had the freedom to go where he wanted.  He said going to Mexico would be the best way for him to learn it. He said he’d tried apps, but the way to do it is to fully commit.

He said he was going to move back to the states at the end of the month. If he met a girl in Mexico, it would be too hard because he knows he wants to live in the states.

Why Did He Say About His Dating Life?

Mike Johnson said he truly wants to “start a family and find love.” He said since he was on the show women he dates judge him more. He said they think he can get anyone he wants to, and he is judged on his character from the show. On the other side of the coin, he said the show helped with the number of women who approach him now.

When asked if he’d rather be out of the spotlight with someone he dates, he said he doesn’t have a preference, but there’s a but. He dated someone popular that he said no one knows about. She told him she values privacy and not necessarily being secret. He said that stuck with him.

For the rest of this year, Mike is looking forward to his mentee’s birthday party with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. He’s buying two businesses and he’s going on vacation with his friends. He joked that he’d be tagging along with two couples but said, “who knows, maybe I won’t be the fifth wheel by then.”

What do you think about Mike going all-in on learning a language and moving to Mexico? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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