Tammy Slaton Guides Nephew Gage Down Dangerous Path?

On Facebook 1000-Lb Sisters fans flock to fan groups to discuss the show and its cast members. Some are new fans who are just finding the show and some are OG fans who have watched each episode as they aired. In the group, viewers share their thoughts about the episodes and the sisters’ lives. Inevitably, this comes with people giving their opinions about the ladies’ life choices as well. Earlier today, in one of the larger fan groups, a member posted a photo of Tammy Slaton and her nephew, Gage. Now, many fans are concerned that Tammy might not be the best role model for Amy Halterman‘s son. Why are they worried that Tammy is leading him down a dangerous path? Read on to find out what has TLC fans in a twist.

Gage Goes To Visit Aunt Tammy

Early Saturday, one of the members of the 1000-Lb. Sisters – Fan Page on Facebook posted a photo of Tammy Slaton. The snap was clearly taken in the rehab facility that she is staying in. In the picture, Tammy is holding her nephew, Gage who is clutching a can of diet soda to his face. “Gage enjoying that can of sodie,” the original OG captioned their post.

Gage Halterman
Photo Credit: Amy Halterman – Twitter

As you would expect, social media warriors popped out of the woodwork. The idea of a toddler having access to soda really seemed to infuriate them. While some well-meaning fans were quick to defend, telling others to mind their business and to point out that you can’t even tell if the can is open, the majority littered the comments with statements of their disbelief and contempt.

Is Tammy Slaton Is a Bad Influence On Gage?

Fans were quick to note that soda should not be part of a toddler’s diet. The majority of Amy’s family has struggled with obesity most of their lives. Group members insist that Gage having soda is a poor parenting choice on Amy Halterman’s part. Viewers did not hold back their tongue-lashing, telling Amy that she should only be giving gage milk and water. They voiced concerns that a genetic predisposition to being overweight means that they should be more diligent about his nutritional habits.

Fans comment on the photo of Tammy Slaton and Gage
Photo Credit: Facebook

In addition to harping on Amy’s ‘bad’ mom choices, members of the group also spoke about Tammy’s relationship with Gage, noting that, over time, her bad habits might start to influence his decisions. Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman are both notorious for sucking back cans of “sodie.” Commenters were quick to point out the impact it has made on their weight over the years.

Fans comment on the photo of Tammy Slaton and Gage Halterman
Photo Credit: Facebook

Fans Were Not Sugar Coating Their Opinions

While no one knows if the can was open, the group members didn’t seem open to the idea of innocence. Many believed the can was open and that Amy Halterman’s one-year-old was chugging away on a ‘sodie’ pop. They were unapologetic with their judgment. Members had plenty to say both about Amy’s mothering choices and Tammy’s involvement with her nephew.

Many commenters believed that children should only be allowed “water and milk.” Others called Amy a bad mother because Gage was no longer breastfeeding. Other viewers shared how utterly disgusted they were that Tammy was ‘furthering the cycle of abuse’ and pushing the toddler toward a weight problem of his own someday.

Gage Halterman and Tammy Slaton
Photo Credit: Facebook

There were a few fans who came to Tammy and Amy’s defense. One viewer pointed out that perhaps when they went on their visit that Gage was thirsty and a vending machine was the only option. The fan mused that Gage was likely thirsty and Tammy allowed him a “few harmless sips.” Any supportive commentary was quickly drowned out by angry TLC fans.  “What kind of parent doesn’t pack drinks and snacks for their kid,” one person responded – “that’s just bad parenting.”

“Yea, sodie is what gotchu to where u at, sodies are not good for kids just like letting your kid play with a sabre toof tiger,” said one group member.

“Okay that’s one way of teaching him your obviously horrible eating habits. I was pretty sure that i remember Amy & her husband talking about how they didn’t want Gage to have the same eating habits & weight issues as the family does ….. Way to go Auntie,” added another.

Several others piped in as well chalking Gage having soda up to “Child Abuse.”


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