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Amy Halterman Needs Serious Help In This Area

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Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters have watched Amy Halterman grow substantially as a person. She arguably has the most solid relationship on the show with her husband, Michael. Over the years, she has made huge progress on her weight loss journey. Unfortunately, she could still use a little help in one area. Read on to see what it is.

Amy Halterman Has Seriously Grown On ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’

While many viewers have booed Tammy Slaton for her lackadaisical approach to weight loss, her sister Amy has done the exact opposite. Anyone who has watched the show from day one knows Amy has worked on her relationships and worked hard on improving her health. Viewers have seen her drop hundreds of pounds.

Then, they also got to watch Halterman get pregnant and give birth to her first son. Even getting pregnant was a feat for Amy. Now, she is expecting her second son and making strides to improve her personal life.

Amy Halterman - YouTube/TLC

Credit: YouTube/TLC

People who watch the show religiously have been waiting for the announcement of Season four. Eyes have been glued to the sisters’ social media channels and looking for any signs from TLC that the show will return. With more attention on her social media pages, it has become clear there is still one area that she could use some help in.

Amy Could Still Use Some Help With This Though…

There isn’t anything that could take away all of the progress and growth Amy has seen since she first appeared on TLC three seasons ago. However, if you follow Halterman on social media, you know she could use a little help with her image.

More specifically, it looks like she could benefit from the use of a social media manager. Amy double posts a lot of content on Instagram. There are often typos and other mistakes in her posts too. Because she is in the public eye, these small mistakes open her up to criticism. It could also be hurting her in terms of picking up other work.

Amy Halterman - YouTube/TLC

Credit: YouTube/TLC

Other TLC and reality television stars have been able to land endorsement deals and promotions. Amy, on the other hand, hasn’t seen much in terms of endorsement deals and other work. That doesn’t seem to bother her though. Halterman is content with her life as it is. She has one son and another on the way with her husband Michael.

TLC has not yet announced when 1000-Lb. Sisters will be returning to television. Amy Halterman has expressed that she isn’t interested in continuing to film. Not only is she pregnant, but she feels that filming takes away from her time with her son too. Only time will tell if viewers will see the sisters return to TV.

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  1. I don’t care what everyone one else thinks but I like the show and can’t wait every week to see what happens next . I hope you guys keep the show going on .

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