Tammy Slaton Puckers & Bites Lips, Feeling Sexy And Slim?

Despite being more than 640 pounds at her heaviest, Tammy Slaton has never been low on confidence. This hefty TLC celeb has been in and out of relationships since the start of the show. When she is not busy seducing her feeder fetish boyfriends in the online chatrooms Tammy Slaton has been known to enjoy posting selfies and short videos on social media — mostly Tiktok and Instagram. Tammy’s latest set of photos had her followers doing a double-take as they got a glimpse of the reality star’s latest attempt at sexy. Read on to find out what fans are saying about her latest snaps.

Is Tammy Slaton Making Any Progress In Rehab?

Since the end of 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3, Tammy Slaton has been receiving treatment for her food addiction. Since just before Christmas, the TLC reality celeb has been receiving treatment as an inpatient at a rehab facility in Ohio. Fans of the show have been on pins and needles waiting for updates on Tammy’s health. Despite the hefty reality personality posting consistently on social media, she has yet to give an actual update on her weight.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Now, with little to go on other than Tammy’s social media posts, fans wonder if she has actually made any progress toward her weight loss goals.  Initially, in the season finale, Tammy’s brother, Chris, told fans that she had already lost 100 pounds since her stay began. Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm this.

When it comes to her photos, many fans seem to think that she has lost some of the weight. Others are convinced her new ‘slimmer’ look was achieved solely by filters and photo editing. Either way, Tammy seems to have no problem teasing fans on social media with her latest round of sassy selfies.

Slim and Sexy Tammy Puckers For The ‘Gram

Early Thursday, Tammy posted a series of snaps to her Instagram file that definitely had her followers doing a double-take. 1000-Lb. Sisters fan most notably identify Tammy as having a very large face and neck area. In her latest photos, the celeb appears to have a much less rounded face. Her forehead looks a bit more elongated and even her cheeks a bit less puffy.

Photo Credit Istagram

In the short series of snaps, Tammy Slaton has a brand new perm. Her short blonde ringlets frame her face. She is wearing her trach and posing with her hand near her face as she attempts to pout seductively toward the camera. The filter that Tammy used on these photos blurs the lines around the corners of the photo and, as usual, has confused viewers in regards to the current state of her health affairs.

What Fans Are Saying About Tammy’s Latest Snaps

Has Tammy lost weight or has she gotten better at photo editing? Well, while some fans have left nothing but encouragement in the comment section, most have not been so kind about what they are seeing. Many are under the impression that she is just as heavy if not heavier now than when she started rehab a few months ago. They are convinced that Tammy is using the filters to disguise weight gain or trick people into thinking that she has actually made some progress toward losing.

Photo Credit: Instagram

As usual, fans were not shy about leaving their opinions in the comment section of Tammy’s post.

“Still looks 800 pounds not one thing has changed,” said one commenter.

“Stop trying to be cute, please,” retorted another.

“3 years and you still look the same if not heavier,” said a third who was sure to include an eye roll emoji.

Regardless of whether Tammy Slaton has actually dropped any weight – fans don’t think it’s showing. It seems that in order for fans to really believe she’s making progress she is going to have to make clear, visible changes to her physique. Unfortunately, her love of filters is giving show fans a lot of room for doubt.

Do you think Tammy Slaton has made actual progress while in Rehab? Tell us in the comments.



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  1. The “hate” she gets is primarily how she treats others in her her life. She is extremely cruel to anyone she depends on. Queen of mean.

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