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Did Clayton Really Gaslight Susie? Expert Weighs In

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Did Clayton Echard really gaslight Susie during a recent episode of The Bachelor? Find out what an expert says about the explosive fight.

Bachelor lead tells three women he loves them

Every season of Bachelor Nation shows is ‘the most dramatic ever.’ But Season 26 of The Bachelor might live up to that hyperbole. For the first time ever, the lead dropped the l-word on each of his final three women.

While other leads have said “I love you,” it’s generally not something that is encouraged on the dating competition. In addition to the l-word, Clayton also revealed he was intimate with two of the women.

That revelation kicked off an explosive fight with the third woman – and frontrunner – Susie Evans. At one point, she expressed doubt that he was really in love with her if he could sleep with other women.

However, Echard took issue with Susie being upset, noting that she never explicitly told him not to be intimate with the others.

Days after the episode aired, his behavior is still a hotly debated topic among Bachelor Nation fans. Did he really gaslight Susie or was she partly to blame for what happened?

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Clayton Echard and Susie Evans/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

Did Clayton Really Gaslight Susie? Expert Weighs In

Many viewers were quick to jump online to call out Clayton Echard’s treatment of Susie. The word “gaslighting” came up multiple times to describe his behavior. The Bachelor lead denies the accusation. But what is “gaslighting”?

Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse. Medical News Today defines it as, “Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse where a person or group makes someone question their sanity, perception of reality, or memories.”

The source notes that the term was first used in a 1938 play called Gaslight. The play was later turned into a movie of the same name. The premise is a husband manipulating his wife into thinking she’s crazy by turning down the home’s “gas-fueled lights.”

While the term is almost 100 years old, it’s used more today due to the new focus on mental health issues.

So, was Clayton trying to manipulate Susie during their explosive confrontation?

Women’s Health magazine consulted an expert to get insight into Clayton’s behavior. According to the expert, he absolutely was gaslighting Susie. However, that doesn’t mean it was intentional.

Dr. Rossana Sida told the outlet that Echard was “deflecting” during the argument, which they note is a type of gaslighting. “When people gaslight, they don’t typically know they’re gaslighting,” the doctor explained

Click here to read the expert’s full assessment of Clayton’s behavior.

Does Bachelor Nation Have A Gaslighting Problem?

The argument between Clayton and Susie isn’t the first time a Bachelor Nation star was accused of gaslighting. Bachelorette Katie Thurston made similar accusations against her suitor Greg Grippo.

Interestingly, Grippo was one of Thurston’s final three when they had their own explosive argument. He was upset that she wouldn’t profess her love for him. After confronting her, he ultimately quit the show.

Season 17 ended with Katie Thurston engaged to Blake Moynes, though they broke up less than three months after the finale. She’s now dating John Hersey, another of her suitors.

Do you agree with the expert that Clayton Echard was gaslighting Susie Evans? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t miss the explosive final two episodes on Monday, March 14, and Tuesday, March 15, only on ABC.

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  1. Clayton is a douchebag. He honestly expected to screw all the women and have them be fine with it??? I am so impressed by Susie and her sticking to her morals! I can honestly say this is the angriest I’ve been after watching an episode. Clayton needs to grow up before he gets into a serious relationship!

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