‘Bachelor’ Clayton Echard Says Susie Evans Was Not Gaslighted

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans via YouTube

Many fans were stunned when things with The Bachelor Clayton Echard and Susie Evans went south on Tuesday night’s episode. There were a lot of emotions and many saying Clayton gaslit Susie. Now, Clayton is speaking out following that episode. Keep reading to see what he had to say.

What happened that night with Clayton Echard and Susie Evans

The Bachelor Clayton Echard is speaking out and sharing his thoughts on that crazy episode fans saw Tuesday. Clayton and Susie had an amazing day together until dinner. It was then that Susie told Clayton she couldn’t be comfortable if he had been intimate with the other ladies.

She pretty much told him it was a deal-breaker for her. He of course was stunned after having just told her that he was in love with her. So, their conversation continued to get heated. At one point, Susie said she didn’t see them leaving together anymore and she just didn’t think she could continue.

After she said that Clayton said he was done and sent her home. Now, he’s regretting how he handled things that night. He shared on the Almost Famous Podcast that he could have handled things differently.

Clayton said, “I did not handle it well. I didn’t.” He went on to say, “I mean, it was not handled maturely. I raised my voice to her.”

He concluded by saying, “I was grasping at straws. I was trying to find anything that I could at that point to get her to stay. Like, I just wanted her to give me a chance. I went through this gauntlet of emotions.”

Did he gaslight her?

So, did he gaslight her? Clayton said, “I totally disagree on the gaslighting concept because I was not trying to manipulate her from my bad benefit at all. I had no intention of doing that. I am not that kind of person. And that does strike a chord with me because that’s not me.”

He also said, “I don’t agree that I was gaslighting because I looked that up, and it said gaslighting, the definition is to try and convince someone of a different reality than what is actually the true reality of the situation. … Gaslighting in my eyes is something where it’s you have bad intentions, you’re trying to manipulate somebody, and I was not at all trying to do that. My reality was in my head at that point.”

Clayton Echard and final three via Instagram
Clayton Echard and final three via Instagram

What else was he thinking that night?

Clayton also shared that at that moment he started to believe that Susie was possibly playing him like some of the other girls had. This is when he told her he didn’t know her anymore.

He said, “That’s why I said, ‘I don’t know who I’m even looking at anymore,’ because, in that moment, I really believed at that point that she was just feeding me whatever she needed to to get out of there so she could be the next Bachelorette.” Clayton continued, “I don’t believe that now. I didn’t believe it the next day, but I believed it in that moment.”




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